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Adventures of Cerin Xyltn: Morag Tong assassin.



Using the mod from the Nexus Take Notes to keep a in game journal, each story development I write more into the journal and export it into a text file. This is what is copy and pasted below from my characters view point. I just hope the game doesn't bug out like last time. 






---Last Seed, 17th, 4E 201---
I awoke in a prison cell water all around me. Not sure what happened but I know I was captured by the Dark Brotherhood and placed in here. Someone had told them of my arrival in Skyrim, I guess they are scared of a lone Morag Tong assassin from Morrowind after all. All my equipment has been removed all I have is the rags they gave me and my wits. Ghosts of those who have died in this place, if I am not careful I will be joining them. Just found a note from my guards. The prison was flooded by storm water which is what that noise was, their orders were to kill me or leave me. I guess they fled to get away before the flood water got them. They should of finished the job, now I hunt the Dark Brotherhood. Mepahal's Will be done. The Morag Tong will rise once more in Skyrim. Fresh air at last. Looking at the map I have three options, Windhelm (my original destination), Whiterun or Riften. I will head for Riften because if there are any of the Night Mother whores in that city they may recognise me. Found a fort called Amol it is infested with rogue magi. I managed to clear the ones on guard outside, going to head deaper into the fort and see if I can find anything that maybe of help to me. Well that was eventful, I was knocked unconscious in the fort and some kind soul dragged me to Windhelm, where I overheard a rumour about some boy trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood. I have a plan that may just work. If I contact the boy and complete his job maybe I can gain some leverage in joining the Dark Brotherhood and destroy them from the inside? Many think the Shadow War between the Morag Tong and Dark Brotherhood is long finished, well its not by a long shot. Mephala will have her vengeance on the usurper. I found the boy in his old house with a skeleton, human heart and a dagger calling for the Dark Brotherhood. Managed to get the contract..... problem is its an old lady in Riften who owns the orphanage. As a sworn Morag Tong we do not usually take this kind of contract as it is beneath us. But in times of war collateral damage can't be helped. 



---Last Seed, 18th, 4E 201---
Took on a few jobs in Windhelm to try and get some money together. One job requires me to travel to Solthstiem and deliver a spear for the blacksmith. I now have the money to make the trip. I may look at some chitin armour there. 



---Last Seed, 19th, 4E 201---
Something odd is going on in Raven Rock. At night the people seem to sleep walk and they are building some kind of shrine or temple. I touched the glowing stone and heard a voice in my head from someone. I don't like the look of this as no one can remember their nightly escapades once they have fallen asleep. Headed back to Windhelm after I delivered the spear, my next job is to collect some malachite at the local mine and some iron ore. If it pays well I will be able to buy some spells and better equipment, but I would rather make it with my own hands. 



---Last Seed, 22nd, 4E 201---
Back in Raven Rock, spent the night at the Corner Club and rented the room, awoke next to a shrine being built by reavers. They are all in a trance. What is going on here?



---Last Seed, 23rd, 4E 201---
I left the Telvani mushroom tower and was assaulted by an ash guardian that some damn fool mage had conjured up. I think its killed me, but this doesn't look like Mephala's realm. Something is very wrong here. There are ladies here called Alicia, yes that is correct all of them the same name. They all have red hair regardless of their race origins and talk about floating and soul doubles. apparently they were all brought here by Sanguine upon their deaths. What has this got to do with me? Sanguine put me inside a cage for the night, he says I am his little pet. Has Mephala abandoned me? How do I escape from this hell? He shaved my beard off, said something about not liking the way I look and clicked his fingers and puff my beard is gone. I gave Sanguine some mead and he gave me my equipment back, but refuses to give me my sword back. He now wears my sword and when I asked for it he just gave a grin and said "If you want it come and take it." I will find a way to defeat him, I must for my own sanity. First I am going to have to get back to Skyrim and make a new sword. He whipped me my body is covered in scars. I NEED to get out of here. What the..... he has forced me into high heel boots, tight fitting gloves and a corset for my "new role". Then he whipped me again just to get my sensations flowing. These boots are killing my feet, I need to get them off as I am finding it difficult to move, and being an assassin nightblade I need my mobility. Well that is handy, I bought some spells from a Telvani apprentice and he had some bound weapon spell books. Sanguine won't be able to keep those, also bought some atronach and destruction spells. 



---Last Seed, 24th, 4E 201---
Delivered the malachite ore to the smith at Thirsk Mead Hall but they had been over run and kicked out by rieklings, nasty little buggers and smelly as well. I offered to help them clear out the invaders and take back the hall. The battle was long and hard the rieklings had dug themselves in and set up guards. Through my magic and the nords willing to fight we managed to gain entrance to the hall where we battled the chief and his gang. The chief now lays dead and his head is decorating the outside of the mead hall as warning to other rieklings that may think it and easy target. I offered to be Bajundi's second to regain favour from some ancient god they worship. This task will have to wait I need to get these boots off my feet as they are killing me with pain. At last I asked one of the guards in Raven Rock to get my boots off, ahhh bliss. My feet are free once more..... it does feel odd though without them clamping down on my feet. 



---Last Seed, 25th, 4E 201---
Returned back to Windhelm the blacksmith refuses to help me get out these gloves and corset. Maybe its because I am a dunmer and he is a nord? Looking at a list of jobs I have picked up I think I will go back to what I was doing before Sanguine kidnapped me. Killing the old lady Grelod the Kind in Riften. Then sit back and wait for the Dark Brotherhood to catch up with me. Infiltrate them and then work out a way to destroy them from the inside. I think those boots have damaged my feet, they are still painful but each day that passes without the bondage boots on the pain does ease up. I think I may regrow my beard in defiance to Sanguine. 



---Last Seed, 26th, 4E 201---
Arrived in Riften, the guards at the gate tried to make me pay to enter the city. I called them out on it and they let me in. What an obvious scam. Just inside the gate a meat head called Maul accosted me and gave me some empty threats...... I think I may like this place. I could become king of a nice little shit heap here. hummm there is a nice little khajiit whore here in Riften, I wonder if she would like my dunmer cock? Grelod is dead, one arrow with some poison is all it took. That khajiit whore turned me down, back in Morrowind I would have her flogged for such insolence. The smith here won't remove my gloves, corset or collar. And yet he expects me to fetch him ten fire salts. Don't the nords know that favours work both ways? Arrived back in Riften to sell some items I had found on a necromancer by a dragon shrine and a courier gave me a letter from the jarl of Falkreath. He wants to see me, apparently he has heard my name mentioned and wishes to know more. I do not like this, I operate in the shadows. What fetcher has been gossiping?



---Last Seed, 27th, 4E 201---
Delivered the news about a deceased orphanage owner to the kid in Windhelm, he gave me a plate as payment...... little fetcher. Spent good gold on carriage fares and he gives me a sodding plate. Worthless junk. While I am here going to ask the smith to see if he can remove these gloves for me. Fetching nords the smith won't remove the gloves for me. Going to see the jarl in Falkreath and then head to Markarth and see if I can get a smith there to help me out. Ha yes a Khajiit caravan had a locksmith with them and she managed to get rid of all those restraints that Sanguine put on me. I could never thank Rah'Zindah enough..... although it cost me a pretty penny it was worth it. 



---Last Seed, 28th, 4E 201---
It worked, the Dark Brotherhood sent me a note saying they know I killed the old lady. The wolf is about to enter the sheep pen. By Mephala's will I will destroy their little coven of thugs and install a Morag Tong cell here in Skyrim. First though I must see the jarl of Falkreath to see what he wants of me. Spoke to the jarl and he has given me a contract to assassinate some bandits and their leader, because he had a deal with them. Now they have become a liability and the money they send him is not worth the hassle. Now this is the kind of contract I am used to.   Sanguine caught me again, I was fighting vampires and they knocked me out and before they could kill me Sanguine stepped in and brought me to his realm. He raped me said "Bend over and grab your ankles. I am going in dry" My eyes are still stinging from the tears and my arse looks like a fucking blood orange. Ended up in Helga's Bunkhouses in Riften, bought a mirror from miss Sunflower as my hair doesn't feel right. It is red Sanguine change my hair colour to red what in Oblivion is he up to? Still can't walk straight due to the rape from Sanguine, feels like my arse is broken. 



---Last Seed, 30th, 4E 201---
I bought Lakeside View from the Jarl of Falkreath. Nice little bit of land with enough room to build a decent sized hall for myself. Found a boy on the road fighting imaginary enemies so I spoke with him and taken him on as an apprentice of sorts. Not going to teach him any Morag Tong techniques but he could do with some sword training. I guess I do have some fathering qualities about me after all. The boy was reunited with his mother,  a kindly woman who offered me gold for his safe return, I told it was not needed and to keep the gold. So she gave me some stew instead which was welcome. At least I won't have to cook. Tulaa at the tavern was a welcome sight and it was the right phase of the moon for her to be working tonight. 175 gold and she was all mine. As she lay there once we were finished she ran her fingers through the hair on my chest and spoke of other tavern wenches that have been going missing. This I will need to investigate. 



---Last Seed, 31st, 4E 201---
I awoke in a small cabin with a woman sat on a bookcase watching me. Her name was Astrid and she said she was with the Dark Brotherhood and that I had stolen their kill when I did in the old hag at the orphanage. She ordered me to kill one person with a bag over their heads, so I gave all three victims a quick clean kill. I doubt any of them would of lived anyway. I was then given the pass phrase to get past their infernal black doors so I guess I am in. Now the real work begins as I play the double agent and bring the Brotherhood to its knees. 



---Heartfire, 1st, 4E 201---
Built the main hall of the lodge now and its mostly furnished to how I want it. Also I found time to make some Morag Tong armour from the chitin and netch leather I had bought whilst in Raven Rock. Feels good to get back into some proper armour. This stuff is near on impenetrable and is light as a feather. No wonder the other races covet dunmer armour and weapons, it is some of the best Tamriel has ever seen. These vampire attacks are becoming more frequent, I am going to swing by the Dawnguard and see if I can lend aid to them before carrying on with the Dark Brotherhood. I know they will not turn me down now they know how good I am at killing. In time we can play my favourite game "Who is the Better Killer." I bet its me. Stopped off at Embershard Mine to look for one of the missing wenches, this place is crawling with bandits. I got past the guards now I am looking for the leaders of the group and the poor lady they have captured. Looked inside a large strong box and found an odd crystal, a vocie spoke directly in my head telling me to return the beacon back to Mount Kilkreath. I guess its another Daedra Lord, by the sounds of the voice it is Meridia. Bandits all dead and no sign of the wench. But I did find a list of names and locations of where the others can be found. This will be a nice little side line in between contracts. Well I found the Honning Brew Meadery, it is just outside of Whiterun. I am not sure if I should go and investigate this and see what Sanguine has planned for me. A simple break in and take a look around.... it can't hurt can it?



---Heartfire, 2nd, 4E 201---
Asked the proprietor of Honning Brew Meadery what a prick he was. He claimed to know nothing of what I was talking about, so I searched his office. Fetching liar I found a note addressed to him from a disgruntled customer. They have a shrine to Sanguine underneath Honning Brew Meadery, but its locked off from the cellar entry point due to a skeever infestation. Going to have to dig around in the mud of the river to find that box with the key inside. Helped some nords kill a giant just outside of Whiterun, they said their thanks and offered an invite to join the companions. Never heard of them to be honest, the woman who spoke to me smelled of wet dogs..... The people in Whiterun are insane, clans at war with each other and now one of their sons has been taken or killed, a woman telling her husband he can't leave the city and a guy who thinks he is a ladies man in the Bannered Mare. Along with a crazy woman who started a fist fight with me. Now a guy is challenging me to a drinking contest, doesn't he know that dunmer sujama is far stronger than any mead or ale this breton can produce? Time to rob this poor fool blind and take his staff off him. Easy contest. Nazeem what an arsehole, please Mephala let there be a writ with his name on it. Ugh my head.... Sam was the Bretons name he must of drugged my drink. I awoke in the temple of Dibela and had to clean the place up after trashing it. The sister Sena told me I was yelling about Rorikstead so that will be my next destination I guess. Made it to Rorikstead just asking around town it seems I am not well liked..... by the gods what did I do last night? It seems I kidnapped a goat called Gleda and sold her to a giant, the owner doesn't seem to see this as funny as I did last night and refuses to speak to me unless I get his goat back. No sense of humour. 



---Heartfire, 3rd, 4E 201---
At last my feet have returned to normal and don't hurt anymore. Now on to get this goat back. The fight with the giant was long and difficult but I managed to kill him and rescue the goat Gleda. Now I got to head to Whiterun and speak with Ysolda that beautiful nord lady who wanted a mammoth tusk. Apparently I have to repay her? I seemed to of asked to borrow her grandmothers wedding ring and went out to Witchmist Grove to give it to my love. Who or what is at Witchmist Grove? Also why can't I remember that I am to get married to someone? Something like that should of been really important. When I get my hands on Sam I am going to throttle him. 



---Heartfire, 4th, 4E 201---
I was engaged to a hagraven. By the gods I must of been drunk they are such ugly creatures. Why would any woman want to infuse herself with daedra energies and become a monster like that I will never know. Moira the Hagraven now lies dead because she refused to give the ring back. I guess its a better end to her than the existence she lead. Now to get back to Ysolda in Whiterun. She told me the reception was at Morvunskar and that I had a magic staff that would take care of all the guests. Before I head back to Kynesgrove to cross the river to the fort I am going to head up to Dragons Reach and use the enchanting table. I don't like where this is going and want to be prepared. 



---Heartfire, 5th, 4E 201---
All stocked up on potions and poisons, sold the junk I was carrying and now I am ready to tackle what ever is in Morvunskar. I hope Sam is there, because I am going to cut his throat for this run around for a magic staff. Anyway going to spend the night in Kynesgrove tavern before I head out. Before heading out I decided to try my luck with some of the tavern girls here in Kynesgrove. One of them didn't even ask for any money before she took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. It was the best blow job I have had in a long time, so good in fact I was banging my head against the wall. On release a sudden wave of pleasure ripped through my body and now I have tits and a fanny. My penis is still there but its smaller than it used to be, but I have an ever expanding vagina now growing where my balls should be. I tried to speak to the lady but she refuses to help me. Cleared out Morvunskar and found a portal to another realm. I know this place its Sanguine's realm. He is playing a prank on me yet again. I got the staff, it is actually the Sanguine Rose staff which can summon dremora aligned to Sanguine. A useful weapon in times of need as these Dremora can hit hard and deal damage with fire. I am going to head back to Lakeside Manor and try and figure out my next move. The world has changed for me now, I don't know how I can revert back to my male form.... or do I carry on like this? 



---Heartfire, 6th, 4E 201---
Well I had a bath once I got home and I found I couldn't help myself as my hands explored my new body. I brought myself to a shuddering climax, by the gods this female body is sensitive. My penis is still there but its sort of inert and doesn't bring me pleasure anymore. I heard from one of the patrons at the Bannered Mare I got lucky when I explained what had happened and that I could of been turned into a bimbo which is a far worse fate than what happened to me. 



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It's not a bad read as it is eventful and globally written in a dry yet efficient way, but you're not taking advantage of the written support. I mean, you're limiting yourself to describing the events of a videogame in a slightly more realistic manner ; whereas you could simply rewrite the events yourself and improve both realism and ambiance altogether (going from one city to another, one country to another in one day or less isn't realistic in the least), and thus make the story and characters more consistent with themselves (for example being knocked out in Riften, and then waking up freely in Winhelm, WTF ? At the very least one would've capture in slavery, or if not, just left for dead not too far from where knocked out). That would also avoid spoilers, even though your highly modded play decreases that aspect (I intend to play the dark brotherhood, so I had to skip some parts altogether). 


Anyway, the journal written form isn't too common, and that made the writing more lively and personal somehow. ?

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