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About this blog

I like to RP sometimes when playing Skyrim, especially when the game is stable and I have no conflicts which will make me restart again. So this blog is going to be about Pete the Necromancer and his journey in a kinky twisted Skyrim. 


This is Pete the Necromancer.



He joined the Dark Brotherhood to seek more avenues to death and its mysteries. Slowly he found his way to Riften after the Jarl in Falkreath demanded tribute of some Black Briar mead. With a sigh he found a carriage that would take him there to obtain some of this famous mead. 


Whilst in Riften he got acquainted with the Thieves Guild as well as meeting a lovely nord woman by the name of Mjoll who seemed to be under some spell from a man called Aren. After a veiled threat from this young upstart Pete decided to look further into this and found other women in Riften also under his spell. Pete then goes on to obtain some Black Briar Mead and returns to Falkreath and its Jarl, who then asks Pete to clean up some bandits that the jarl had dealings with. Pete always looking to for money and the opportunity to cause some death agreed and left. 


Not very good at reading his map he some how ended up in Helgan in the aftermath of a Dragon attack, he found on survivor called Ralof who lead Pete to Riverwood and to Gurdur who showed Pete some of her pleasures. Whilst in Riverwood Pete finds out there is some kind of love triangle in the small village and so decides to get involved and woo the lady from under the very noses of the young men there. Through some deception and machinations it works, as well as conning Feandell into helping him clear the Barrow of Dragur and Bandits. 

During his stay in Riverwood he meets a strange High Elf lady dressed in a very tight fitting dress and shoes, she tells him it is all the rage back in the Summerset Isles. Unsure of what to make of this Pete moves on to Whiterun after romancing Camilla Valerious and Gurdur with Feandell watching. 


He arrives at the gates of Whiterun only to be confronted by the guards who tell him the city is shut to outsiders. but with a silver tongue and quick wit Pete talks his way inside all the way to the jarl himself. Balgrulf then asks him to do a task which Pete has already accomplished and so he hands over the Dragon Stone that he found in Bleak Falls Barrow. He then gets roped into killing a dragon that is now attacking the western watchtower. He tries to slink off but Irileth drags him with her to the tower under protest. 


Pete is now starting to think he has been roped into doing a suicide mission as the guards are not that competent when it comes to fighting, and no one has yet to face a real dragon. 

Entries in this blog

Adventures of Cerin Xyltn: Morag Tong assassin.

Using the mod from the Nexus Take Notes to keep a in game journal, each story development I write more into the journal and export it into a text file. This is what is copy and pasted below from my characters view point. I just hope the game doesn't bug out like last time.        Journal ---Last Seed, 17th, 4E 201--- I awoke in a prison cell water all around me. Not sure what happened but I know I was captured by the Dark Brotherhood and placed in here. Someone h



Margo the Necromancer chapter 4 and the end.

I came face to face with some dreaded bugs in Skyrim. One of which there is no return as one of the npcs is now dead which controls the start of escaping from Cidnah mine. I think the female orc was killed in a vampire attack and even with me consoling in the key for the mines I can't get out through the gates. "tcl" console doesn't work either.    So I am faced with either carrying on from a previous save and forget about Markarth completely or start over. Really Bethesda should make



Pete the Necromancer chapter 3.

Pete meets up with a talking dog just outside of Falkreath who explains to him that he needs helps to reach his master. Bewildered Pete agrees to helping the mutt unsure of where this will take him, but the promise of power is just enough of a lure for him to agree with the hound.    What the mangy mutt failed to explain to him was there was a coven of vampires inside this shrine where his master lives who also happens to be the deadric prince Clavicus Vile. The prince offers Pete unto



Pete the Necromancer. Chapter 2

After a long and difficult fight the dragon that was attacking Whiterun now lay dead at Pete's feet, the surviving guards all cheering as they congratulated each other for a job well done. Pete smiles and gives a yell of victory but what comes out of his mouth is a language he has never heard before "Fus" the celebrations from the guards stop mid flow. They explain to him that was a shout from legends and that he could be Dragonborn.  Irileth tells him he should head back to Whiterun and inform



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