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Serial Numbers



I always liked the idea of giving slaves serial numbers. All part of the process of objectification. And in fact, there's a nice set of number tats in the SlaveTats base package. Only thing is, it's a always been a pain trying to keep track of what the next number is, and picking out the right three digits out of a list of thirty was never much fun, either.



So I started to wonder, why not automate the process? Have a script keep track of numbers, and automatically format the next one? And that started me thinking about how I might spice up the basic number package.




OK. Not the best lighting. I was in Dimhollow Crypt at the time and had to improvise.


Anyway, Having projected all those numbers onto the mesh, and then cut the three digit tats into three one-digit ones, I wanted to rest the tats. So I started making tats with all the 1's then all the 2's, etc etc.


And then I wanted to share. Anyone up for a novel phone pad design?




I'm vaguely considering changing the (optional) header text to read "Thank you for fucking ..." And maybe include  a tramp stamp slot one that says "Please Come Again!"


Of course, none of this will be really practical unless I can get my SKSE plugin DDS compositor to work...




Well, I spent most of the weekend trying to get the compositor to work. I'm starting to think it needs the patches from Caliente's TexBlend, but recompiling DevIL sounded like a lot of work, so I thought I'd spend some time on the serial spell.


Those reds came out a bit livid, but other than that it works fine. Not sure why the reds are so angry - it should be the same color as the brands. Oh well, teething troubles...




I'll throw in a rear view, just because.




I decided to go with "Thank you for fucking" in the end.




If I can get that compositor working, there'll be a range of options for this. Right now it's just the one layout, sadly.


Recommended Comments

A Tattoo with a name of the NPC (aka pimp) "1A69A-2"

Or (if you're into the whole degradation thing) multiple "owned by [pimp]-3" Tatoos

And only she (the pimp Or pimps, amazonian exhibitionists ) could ravish player.

In the street.

Using a whip.

and a dildo.


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Splicing text into the tats is probably a bit beyond my capabilities at the moment.. The numbers work because there's a small range of options and because I know where they going to be.


'course, there's nothing to stop people editing their own tattoos

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Wellp, the compositor still isn't working.  I can blend dds images, but the result takes the alpha of the original. That means that if an area is transparent in the original, it'll be transparent in the overlay. Which is 99.9% of the pixels I want to copy.


And judging from a comment in the source, that's intentional.

    // In case of Alpha channel, the data is blended. Keeps the original alpha.


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