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Halloween Masquerade Blog : Masquerade Submissions go here



The title is self explanatory. Everyone interested in making a masquerade submission is most welcome to do so as part of this thread. Please check the guide line blog.


1. The location should preferably be this, as suggested by sunsakuka. If you have any indoor location you are partial to, fitting the description of a palace, feel free to take shots there. If you are hell bent on outdoor shots, please try locations that resemble gardens rather than fields or forests. If you absolutely must take shots in a field or forest, you are still most welcome. ;P

2. As per suggestion, there will be an (optional) after-party sauna. Those interested in posting slightly more provocative material is welcome to do so under this head as well. I am not looking for sex shots. Just skimpier clothing and more NSFW material in general. Location can be this, as suggested by SpyderArachnid, or anything similar.

3. There are 2 other entries created in this blog. One for the masquerade shots, other for the after-party sauna shots. Please post submissions accordingly in their respective threads. You can, of course post as many as you want on the "Show Your Skyrim Counterpart" thread, but in this thread, post images that you have finalized and a re most happy with. I'm not saying you should limit yourself to 5, or 10 shots. You can post a hundred if you so desire, and that will make me happy. For ease of organization, I'm just asking you to.. put your best foot forward here.

4. You can add as many replies as you wish to each entry. I will try to keep track of submissions in the Entry post as a list of poster vs submission image. That is my responsibility. :)

5. Why do this? All of the best images from each poster will be accumulated to make a combined story for a Halloween Masquerade evening. So try to take shots in different locations, and with different poses, doing different things. You can even take shots with multiple characters interacting in some way... whether through followers or Familiar Faces. It'll help compiling them into something concrete.

6. If there are any more suggestions, feel free to add to this Entry.

7. I will not tolerate people mocking each others submissions in these Entries. All are welcome to post here, but you are not welcome to try and start a flame war. That is the only reason why I chose to reserve rights to approve posts before they are added.



To clarify, the masquerade shots go here, not the sauna ones.


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Here is Fhu~ ! Just.. Trying to be friendly while hiding her nervousness as.. this has been probably the first time that she's at a party !

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Finally realized I can post my pictures from the thread here as well :)

Hopefully the location is acceptable, I do not have the preferred one.


Freyla enjoys dancing:


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Great job you guys!


Yes.. any indoor location is fine. :)


Elwyn is obviously somewhere in the garden, which is fine as well because she is so obviously doing what tree hugging elves do. :P

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Nel prepare for Halloween





she wonder what cloth suit her in this event




red or black?






or just ribbon?




anyway put the mask on and go to the party





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I do hope more people turn up, i'm kinda lonely here.


I brought some other clothes, maybe I should try those before the party starts?


Maybe the black dress?


Or the corset?


Or the classic little black dress...decisions!





EDITED: To fix image links from text to BB.


Also, voting for the corset. ;)

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Amelia was very happy to get an invitation.



She very bowed very graciously upon entering.



She obviously hasn't danced at anything formal before.

She was upset that she couldn't bite anyone but very happy with the snack provided. She said, "Uncle Sheo has the best treats."


EDIT: I just found the good blood.

Amelia: "Aww I feel silly. I just found the vintage blood. 
"I think I killed a servant. Well, he wasn't dressed well and I think he was drunk, so he wasn't important....right....?
"Ah this vintage blood is great!" 

Hope I wasn't too late getting these in.


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You need not bite that dirty nord. I'm gaving the finest matured 200 yr blood being sent over for all vampire guests.

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