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  1. wbtbwb

    DJ Synthwave - Animation test

    WOW....Amply, your character is so hot, I'm stunned, great work keep it up!
  2. wbtbwb

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    back with some gifs
  3. wbtbwb

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    what mod is the heart tattoo from? i did it myself
  4. wbtbwb

    Need some help [hair]

    No need my friend, problem already solved, I did it via 3ds max instead of nifskope, my apologies for such long reply, but any way, thanks for advertency.
  5. Hello, I working on custom hairstyle, the question is - how to fix clipping hair mesh a bit above head? In nif skope i changed hair's NiTriShape position on vectors (even placed a head mesh to ensure right clip), but in game it has wrong clipping anyway... theres also NiNode Head,Spine branches, which has vector scaling option, must i change them too? Also I noticed that in "CK" hair mesh has ChargenMorph and RaceMorph options, i thought that may also depends of these? But i'm not sure, would be gratefull for any tutorials or tips, this is first time i mess with meshes
  6. wbtbwb

    "What mod is this?" pt. 7

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I wander if there any conversions of Krista's LadyBody armors for 7b? Any help?
  7. guess, who have new hairstyle.. AGAIN