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  1. After sex scene cum does not appears as it suppose to(like, no cum textures at all, like it's turned off in sexlab mcm), i know that it's Save file script bug, it works fine on different saves, so i need to find a script, which applies cum to characters, if anybody knows name of this script, could you tell the name of it, I also tried to reset sexlab, it brokes all depending mods, so i doubt this solution, if anybody had same issue, tell me what should i do with it, thanks!
  2. Help

    Nvm, I've found a mod which does what i need, so problem is solved, here's a link https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/715-sexlab-gender-change/
  3. Help

    How do i cange NPC's gender, just tags of sexlab, female to male, to make it trigger animations for male characters, i guess, if i try to edit NPC through CK it will change appearence to male too, any mods/console comands for make this manipulation?
  4. Need some help

    Thanks, finally i solved this problem by installing it with MO, instead of NMM. that was the problem, the sounds were automatically renamed on installation and replaced default sexlab sounds, first time i installed it manually, by simply dropping it to data folder without renaming them,(i was confused by .esp, thought there should be not just a replacer of sound) i could'nt install it with NMM just because of it's update, which needed to reinstall all of my mods existing mods(250+), as necessary on startup, sounds scary for me Recently moded a whole mods from scratch because of the broken HDD. Anyway, I installed it with MO, and it works just perfect now! Thank you guys for giving me an advice, my deepest thanks to both of you! Good luck.
  5. Need some help

    Hello, need some help, explanation how to install sexlab Sound FX mod, what should i do to install this mod, it's simply doesn't sounds for me, there's not any sounds apears after mod installation, and yes, i did reset of my registered sounds in Sexlab settings, there's also .ESP, so i guess i shouldn't simply make a replace of existing sounds of character in Sexlab,(they even have different names, not similar to existing) and there's no MCM menu also. Will be glad to see any response, or thoughts about this problem, or just advice an equal mod to this one, Thanks!
  6. Could someone convert this one? Black Lace MiniDress Collection UUNP Bodyslide http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70280
  7. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    back with some gifs
  8. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    what mod is the heart tattoo from? i did it myself
  9. Need some help [hair]

    No need my friend, problem already solved, I did it via 3ds max instead of nifskope, my apologies for such long reply, but any way, thanks for advertency.
  10. Hello, I working on custom hairstyle, the question is - how to fix clipping hair mesh a bit above head? In nif skope i changed hair's NiTriShape position on vectors (even placed a head mesh to ensure right clip), but in game it has wrong clipping anyway... theres also NiNode Head,Spine branches, which has vector scaling option, must i change them too? Also I noticed that in "CK" hair mesh has ChargenMorph and RaceMorph options, i thought that may also depends of these? But i'm not sure, would be gratefull for any tutorials or tips, this is first time i mess with meshes
  11. "What mod is this?" pt. 7

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I wander if there any conversions of Krista's LadyBody armors for 7b? Any help?