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And so we've got the typical CEO newcomer that gets on the top of an enterprise, and decides it would be nice to cut costs regularly, whatever the consequences on employees and community. In other words, a heartless accountant. Just great... -_-


Anyway, thanks for notifying this, your blog has quite the eye for gaming business affairs it seems. Smiley_jap_HFR.gif


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We must remember, that when comes to cutting costs, bad shit is happening. Remember how Visceral Games ended year ago?

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For the pro-scene ; They should have tried the same system as Starcraft 2 , a warchest financed by players and viewers ;

With the devs leaving, it's also a bad message for potential new players : why play a game that will see its players leave with time...

Horrible year , the end of hots , the destruction of Fallout, what will be the next bad news ?

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@Korascent The next bed news will be warcraft/world of warcraft mobile. And no, I am not joking, they did confirm that it is indeed "planned". So yeah, they chose to cut costs and milk the dumb audiance that will blow their paychecks on mobile games. For an similar reason WoW:Classic is being released, as there is no need to add any new content, people will play it and still drop money.

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I edited first post, by adding second YongYea video about that.


So yeah... Good way to say fuck off to pro players 12 days before christmas.

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