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Times changed, or it is just me who still is stupid. xD



Well i didin't have idea for title for this entry. No kappa


Some of you probably know, how i love Heroes Of The Storm right? Well game currently is not doing well in some cases. At the moment we don't know if HGC 2019 is going to happend or not. Also recent announced back on blizzcon changes, are going soon to live and it creates an division between players.


So lately i thought. "Hey! Why not check how LoL is going?"


So i installed two weeks ago? LoL and started playing and tbh. Expirience i get from HOTS is kinda usefull here. But i guess i prefer to play as jungler right now, than ADC or Top laner. Guess Kha'Zix and Master Yi at the moment are my favorites, but maybe i will soon try this gurl.



Also fun fact. Neeko is first LGBT champion in LoL!


For Blizz 2018 is worst year so far. Battle For Azeroth is not well recieved expansion comparing to Legion, but also HOTS and Diablo got thier bad moments.


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