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[SUNSAKUKA] Friday Entry No. #29 Exotica & Nela











vr7MNBTe_o.jpg 6OcUL5uX_o.jpg N9yTELZn_o.jpg aSwrjv9j_o.jpg fRCo1Moh_o.jpg 0pYDX3Dh_o.jpg t6j2RHbc_o.jpg QOP2hvJc_o.jpg rSQC5ugm_o.jpg lCFU43VG_o.jpg 1znhmdX9_o.jpg 1cueT2Lf_o.jpg 7SI3bhyJ_o.jpg dMPMbppX_o.jpg H63SdL0r_o.jpg 0fxxYzoM_o.jpg V880Qnc1_o.jpg Ul0dXl1B_o.jpg






RumY3gMV_o.jpg jRpPuFgW_o.jpg FmOyxfL4_o.jpg 2Zci32pq_o.jpg ZbvVbgvf_o.jpg HhsoOjgP_o.jpg MdibkowI_o.jpg YkHPKWDi_o.jpg tUvXF4Wd_o.jpg zEzqLeCl_o.jpg mxn7RAzt_o.jpg tQXcgSVg_o.jpg oXVSOS8l_o.jpg ijrogZsx_o.jpg BVVseEAn_o.jpg O8tfi4Tj_o.jpg OsUyQF4R_o.jpg vPGgF6FN_o.jpg







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16 hours ago, Agent Tex said:

As always great work, loved it.



Thank you so much :D 

14 hours ago, XMYYMYYX said:

Elles sont magnifiques ? Exotica en latex j'adore ♥️

Merci beaucoup :)

12 hours ago, djregs said:

Yay,Exotica!  I love her new hairstyle.  Thank you!

Thank you ! I often like to change the hairstyle of my characters. :D


11 hours ago, Claire Farron said:

Stunning magnificient shots as usual ?


But that's strange the ice cream don't melt in a second in the hands of the hot Nila ?

Thank you ! 

To tell the truth, it's not a real ice cream. But a fake plastic! Ah ah :D


10 hours ago, Krasovskiy said:

I hope Exotica doesn't mind if I unzip her zipsuit

I don't think so. Enjoy yourself. :D

5 hours ago, superrayas said:

my nose is bleading

Do you want a tissue ? :)

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3 hours ago, wilson99 said:

super coole (Mädchen) uplifting for the day thank you ?

Thank you :)

2 hours ago, Agent Tex said:

@Sunsakuka maybe add a feature where we vote on whose next? I miss Nola Stonewulf

The problem if I make people vote, some of my characters might be ignored.

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33 minutes ago, Sunsakuka said:

Thank you :)

The problem if I make people vote, some of my characters might be ignored.

Ok thats a good point :) 

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