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  1. I was wondering, would it be possible for us (PC) to make deal with the greedy follower to enslave them back too? Like, these greedy bastards charge us with a lot of money, so we could pay them to make deal until there is no way back for them... After all, we spoil them well enough to trap them with their own games, no?
  2. I love Samus and Charlotte, I can't tell you how much I am in love with this entry 😋
  3. She's like an instagram hot model I really love this character too ❤️❤️❤️
  4. Too bad I'm not an orc, I wanted a fairy tale with Clochette... (Nice choice of outfits, I love it)
  5. Anyone has any news on the advancement about this mod? Or it's definitely paused?
  6. Oh my god I missed it so much...😍 Well, you know how much I liked Nola like this already?! ❤️😂
  7. Thanks for the advices mommy Sunsa ❤️ And yeah, perfect slave/shots, her disobdience will be punished ~😈
  8. Sunsa, can you examine me pls? I think I have fever right now... (Perfect... Beautiful ambiance, nice pose, nice clothes...) 💘😍
  9. I need moore of Hidielle.... Really nice shots nice poses, nice lingerie... 💖
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