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new furniture: seat of almalexia



legend says that this device was originally designed by the dwemer king dumac and given to nerevar as a gift when he wed almalexia. it is said dumac thought she had a bit of an attitude. maybe he was right, as she later became known as the lady of mercy.


SkyrimSE 2018-04-30 02-28-35-71.jpg


SkyrimSE 2018-04-30 02-29-01-66.jpg


SkyrimSE 2018-04-30 02-33-03-79.jpg


SkyrimSE 2018-04-30 02-32-38-06.jpg


Recommended Comments

All your furniture are high quality and they work.

ITTDM II (hahah, is that the right short for the mod name?)  is just awesome, sticky in my load order, because it seems not to interfere with anything in my load orders.

ITTDM realy spicees up the home furnitures.

Any plans for NPC<->PC interactions?


Best mods so far in combo are PAHE+HSH, Pet Project (this one is  just genius, like a show case for ITTDM furniture)


Adore your divine work! :classic_biggrin:

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Another very nice pose. I would love to see an interaction option here. 

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