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Family Tree - Act 1 - Magic and Corruption- Elsa's Story



Elsa’s Story – Part 1 – 4

Where Am I?


My name is Elsa. My memory is still a bit fuzzy but let's start at the begining. I woke up in a very strange room, just a locked door and a talking statue. I remember trying to sneak across the border into Skyrim and then a strange light. Next thing I knew I was here.



So apparently the food sitting on the empty table belonged to someone. I mean, it was an inn and no one was there. How was I supposed to know not to take that sweet roll?! They are threatening to throw me in the dungeon for a night if I don't pay, but I don't have any gold!



I begged the Jarl for mercy. He seemed to have pity on my situation. The way he looked at me was a bit unnerving.



After that mess with the sweetroll, I decided to get some air.



As I was relaxing, I heard some people talking in the house behind me.



As I listened to them talk, images flooded my mind. A man and a woman, smells of food, hugs, and happiness. By the 9! My parents! How could I forget them? Suddenly sadness crept in. What happened to them and why can't I remember?



I heard about this horrible woman running an orphanage and a part of me has to do something about it. I headed to Riften and ran into a corrupt guard at the gate. He demanded I pay a "fee" to enter the city, called it a "privilage."

"Hey sweetie, come over here and I'll show you privilage," I told him. I swear, it doesn't take much to get what you want in Riften.




I just walked in there and slit her throat with my axe! It was so easy. I even left the axe laying there when I ran out. The whole city is talking about the "Black Death" that entered the city and slaughtered a woman in broad daylight! Did I used to do this in the past?"


Elsa heard that Farengar had a job for an adventurer. It sounded to her like easy money. As she entered, she was distracted by a bright light in the corner. As she walked closer, the light lifted her into the air.


"Oh gods no! The light is pulling me in! It won't let me down! It's doing something! It hurts!" Elsa screamed out but Farengar just watched in amusement.



"I...can't...die. Not...here....not...now...I..."

Elsa passed out in the floor. Her body twitching and crackling with energy.




Elsa started to come to.

"I had the strangest dream. I was...! Wait! Why am I naked?! Where am I?! Is this the inn?



"Oh gods, my head!" Wait? My ears...they're...pointed? What happened to me? I need to find the owner of this inn, I think her name is Hulda. Maybe she can tell me what happened."



Elsa searched for her clothing and something on the dresser.

"Where are my clothes? Well, at least they left me something to wear."



"Helga, thank you for helping me out."

Helga: "Oh you're welcome dear but it wasn't me. Farengar had a guard carry you here."

"Oh...I see. So I had clothes on before I uh...well..before whatever happened in Farengar's lab happened. Where are they?"

Helga: "Oh he gave them to me to pay your bill. You've been out of it for about a day now. He also said he wanted to get a closer look at your transformation."

"What?! That creepy pervert.



"Listen, not that I don’t appreciate the clothes that were left for me, but I want mine back."

Helga: "I'm sorry dear, they are already gone. Sold to some adventurer that was passing through."


Helga: "I'm sorry dear, there is really nothing I can do. Maybe one of the guards knows who bought them. Give them this."

Helga jotted down a description of the woman that bought my clothes and handed it to Elsa.



I arrived at the prison and was about to speak to the guard when I noticed a woman wearing some of MY clothes.

woman: "You! You there!" She was looking at me.

"Who? Me?"

Woman: "Yes! Please! Tell them I'm not the Black Death! They think I killed that lady in Riften!"

"I don't have a clue who you are. Why would I go to the guards? Now that you mention it, the Black Death wore those same clothes. If you're not the Black Death, how do you have them?"

Woman: "Because I stole these from the inn while you were sleeping. You and I both know that you are the Black Death."

"Well, that is an interesting theory you have."

Woman: To Oblivion with you! You would let me die?"

"Better you than me. You should really be careful who you steal things from."

As I left, she was screaming curses at me. I wonder if I'll be in Riften during her execution?



"As I stood outside in the cool night air, I couldn't help but laugh. This whole situation is very amusing. In about 2 days time, I have had a transformation into some kind of elf, gotten these new robes, and stumbled onto a scape goat for the murder I committed. Hahaha! By the 9, this has been a good day after all."



Elsa finally managed to get around to the job Farengar needed. He wanted her to go to Bleak Falls Barrow and get a stone for him. He agreed to tell Elsa what he learned about her transformation once she returned with the stone.

"So far, I've checked every stone with writting on it. The idiot neglected to tell me what it looks like," Elsa mumbled under her breath.



Elsa was starting to enjoy slaughtering the draugr she was encountering.

"Killing draugr is so much fun! It feels so empty though.



"So lets recap. Farengar sends me to a crypt with the walking dead, a giant spider, bandits, and a hrasting skeleton with a Thu'um! That old pervert can wait until morning. I'm going to bed."



Elsa woke up in a strange place and with her had been a member of the Dark Brotherhood. She had given her the option of kill or be killed.

"I seem to have passed the test but to be honest, I just picked the one with the biggest mouth," she mused to herself.

But what really gets me is that it felt really good! Killing draugr was so empty but this kill felt "filling." I think I want to do this again.

*stomach growl* "Gods, I'm so hungry. I'll have to head somewhere and get something to eat. I wonder where I am?"




Farengar had asked Elsa to retrieve something from a bandit camp but it didn't go as planned, they were waiting for her. Once they defeated her, they passed her around the camp for the rest of the evening.



Elsa awoke in a cell the next morning. She sat in that cell for days before some thugs came amd stuffed her into a crate. They cast a muffle spell on it and took her by wagon. No matter how hard she yelled, no one could hear her.



"I was eventually delivered to Whiterun, I think. I awoke in Farengar's lab. He wanted to "study" my transformation. That bastard had his way with me for hours before doing anything that seemed like a test."



Farengar sent me up to the Jarl's quarters...to service him.. He also gave me a little "present for resisting him."

Elsa winced at the pain from her new scar.



Farengar threw Elsa into a secret room. He cut her hair and took her clothes. The room was four solid walls but when Farengar came, a door would appear. Elsa spent days beating on the hard stone wall, "Help me...someone...please." But no one ever came.



Farengar had been making "visits" to Elsa every night. Elsa decided one last time to resist with everything she had but he beat her senseless and left her crumpled on the bed. "I'll never leave...he won't let me go," she sobbed.



"Farengar's constant visits have ended in this. I am pregnant. He barely gives me anything I need to take care of myself, I am scared to think of how he'll treat my child. He is the only person I have seen for months.

I can't believe that no one asked about me. Come to think of it, maybe they did. He could say almost anything and be believed."



I had a daughter and named her Verra. She appears normal enough and Farengar even brought things for her to play with but he won't let either of us leave. But when he wants to use me, he ties her up outside of the room. I'm going to teach her a simple flame spell. If I can't get out, at least my daughter will have a chance.



As Verra snuck out of the castle, she heard the dying scream or her mother. She prayed to the gods for help and felt a darkness wash over her, then a shadow fell on her. When it passed, she was outside of the city walls.

"What happened?" Verra thought. She couldn't remember anything about where she was or how she got there. She set off in a direction and began walking.



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Hmm reads a bit like it's a multi-verse with a lot of stuff happening to elsa. 


Well then, let's see where this goes with her daughter. ;)

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