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Rage and Disappointment



Just a text entry this time.


For anyone who cares South Park: the Fractured But Whole released today and it's a fucking disgrace. According to Steam reviews it has 3 layers of DRM (although it's using Denuvo so that probably means only 2 by now) and microtransactions in it both of which, along with its day 1 DLC, are extremely shitty practices but more than that it has a broken main menu. They took an extra year to release this game and the least they could have fucking done was make sure the main fucking menu at least fucking WORKED it's the first thing you interact with in a game and it MUST at least work. I've actually requested a refund for this broken, scummy piece of shit I don't even know why I thought Ubisoft would change things up for this game it's Ubi-fucking-soft the French EA.


So yeah sorry about the mini rant but I've been looking forward to this game since it was announced and it turned out to be a fucking disgrace.


Also in happier news this video covers something good;


Basically someone in the UK asked their MP to add regulations around loot boxes in games as well as a petition being started to force the issue to be discussed in Parliament.


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the drm meant nothing apparently because i installed it today.


ubisoft login was optional.


started campaign and there was absolutely no microtransaction menu. didn't look at dlc, don't really care. just wanna hear cartman swear at me. menus were fine.


your cocaine might not have been pure.

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