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Northern Exposure



It's been far too long... Kallista thought to herself. The thick fur shawl she wore slid against bare flesh beneath as she moved about, stimulating nipples stiffened by the occasional burst of cold air catching her just the right way. She hadn't had the time lately to partake of one of her favorite activities, the distinct lack of dragons this far south affording her some time to indulge herself.



Bruma's layout offered few truly secluded places, so she had to make the drop quickly. She'd dressed specifically for such circumstances, flinging her shawl off her shoulders with ease. Freezing air washed over her naked torso, causing her nipples to ache. As thoughts of a warm mouth or attentive hands to ease the sensation drifted into her head, she folded her shawl as neatly as she could, tossed it behind some crates, and set off on her walk.


It didn't take long to happen past her first lucky bystander. The man was wise enough to accept the gift his eyes had been given and smiled broadly, eyes drinking in her exposed skin without a word.


The next pair she happened across wasn't as appreciative of her pair. Perhaps that's not entirely true - the old man seemed into it, but his wife was most certainly not!


But the weather in the Jeralls, especially on the south side bordering the much warmer central Cyrodiil, is fickle, rapidly giving way to a gentle snow. The wind went from pleasantly cold against her skin to outright bitter. Good thing she thought ahead! Kallista donned her scarf, a proud Stormcloak blue, and continued to her day of toplessness.


The weather drove most indoors. Their loss, Kallista thought. She wandered about the city, getting disapproving glares from the town guard and some smiles from passersby. She found a spot to relax for a moment.


For as much resilience against the cold as her Nord blood afforded her, no human can last forever against such conditions. Finally feeling the bite of cold, and realizing the sun was beginning to set, Kallista decided to get dressed and head back to the inn. The warm fur that had been so oppressive before was nothing but a comfort now as she held it close to her skin. She hadn't realized just how cold she really was!



Recommended Comments

The shawl is all blurry. A consequence of frosfall freezing effect ? :P


Malicia : look, it looks like you wanna' get famous ; but if you do that outdoors you're going to get fined,  so you'll get poor, yes. Do that indoors and you'll be famous AND rich... And less cold. Trust me. :D

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