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Entry 9- Status Update



Work has gone quite slowly lately. Been playing some TESO for something different. I think it's pretty good for an MMO, despite what others think, but that isn't something I really feel like arguing about, so please don't comment about this.


As far as progress has gone, I really haven't gotten a whole lot done. I've worked quite a lot on the story lately, and its starting to shape into something much more interesting than what it was before. Still a lot of details I need to work on though.


I've also been working on Tigras's AI packages. Its a shame werewolves don't have any animations other than "stand there and look menacing", because I'd love to give him a realistic schedule, but oh well. Follower AI seems to be working well, although I've yet to test it with the new packages he has.


I've also selected a couple of vanilla cells that I will use for the quest progression. The hardest part will be deciding where to place the two created dungeons into the world that would still make sense and look natural. Actually, the hardest part will be the next bit, where I have to redesign all of the new quest stages, as well as tweak all of the dialogue options and scripts so that they work better.


Been feeling lazy lately, so don't expect much progress for now.

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