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Entry 8- Dungeons... and Dragons? Nope, just more Dungeons /sigh (Misc Post, with lots of random stuff)




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blog-0830687001395862163.pngBeen a while since my last update, but I've been super busy lately, and haven't had a chance to mod all week so far. Regardless, here's the progress so far.


That dungeon you see up there is the main room to the first dungeon I've made for the quest series. Combined with the one I received earlier, that means there is only two dungeons that need to be made still. Once those are done, I can finally start working on all the complex stuff with getting the quests working properly. If anyone has a good dungeon or cave I could use, I'd love to see it. Making dungeons, (and especially caves,) is extremely time consuming.


At any rate, I'm going to tweak howl for help so that it will work like a greater power instead. That will remove some unnecessary spell tweaks I needed to make in order to prevent casting it more than once and potentially breaking something, while also keeping it on favorites menus if that is set.


Not much else to say about progress right now though. It's going to be difficult to be able to give Tigras a voice while my parents are within earshot, however... Still could use some voice actors for some other scenes I have planned, however. Just keep in mind that I have fairly high standards for such things. (Makes me wonder why I'm letting myself act Tigras out, but oh well.)


Anyways, I was cruising the forums last night, and got the brilliant idea for doing a horse scenario. A lot of the assets and animations are already present for doing something like this. I'm thinking it could be something like the bighorner episode from SoB (uh, I think I'll avoid using that abbreviation for it in the future). Thoughts? Questions? Snide remarks?


I also think I might be able to manage a dragon episode by creating a dragon npc with his own tweaked AI, much like Tigras. We'll see though, that's a long ways down the road still, especially now.


*Edit* Just out of curiosity, how would people feel about being locked in to being a hybrid once they get so far into the quest? That would remove a lot of logical considerations for me, and would also make it more immersive as well. I don't believe that a player would go as far into the quest line as what I have planned, and then suddenly change their mind and want to be cured.


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I suppose I should also mention that I am working on much more complicated AI for Tigras while he isn't following you. Ideally, he will patrol the cave, but also go out to hunt for a while as well. At some point in the future I'd also like to make it so that there is special dialogue depending on what he is doing at the time, but I don't think that will make it into 1.0.

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Having quite a bit of trouble getting the AI packages to work properly, unfortunately. Might have to abandon that plan if it continues to be stubborn.

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Guess I should mention that AI packages are working fairly well now. Just need to figure out how to actually get Tigras to actively hunt prey. I have a couple of ideas for that, thankfully.

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A horse episode could be kind of neat, but the available horse schlong sucks Imo.  Bigtime clipping issues.

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I have a question about the male hybrids. What if you wanted to make your character a fem-man or something along those lines, and having a female beta would completely destroy that. Will you add the possibility of the guys being gay or will it just hetero? Honestly seeing Tigras dominate a man would pretty damn hot.

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