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Entry 6- No News is Bad News



Don't really have a lot to add to this post right now, except to say that things are going extremely slow lately. I've barely worked on anything at all because of how massive of a project 1.0 has become. Just so you guys have an idea of how much work I need to do... I need to do the following:

  • Create a brand new dungeon from scratch. Navmesh it, clutter it, and put quest npcs in it.
  • Put new dungeon somewhere in the world. A difficult task in its own right.
  • Create all of the new quest stages that are needed (an extra three or four stages), as well as journal entries and objectives for all of them.
  • Create all of the new quest aliases that go along with them.
  • Rewrite all of the previous dialogue to support the new quest stages.
  • Create the new dialogue to progress the quest.
  • Write up the new lore that needs to be put in the area.

All of those steps need to be done... four times. It's kind of been a huge motivation killer for me, honestly. This kind of has become far more than just a one person project I'm afraid, as level design is one of my weakest points, and all of the new scripts that need to be done are very... tedious. Because of that, I've kind of been... stuck recently, with seemingly no way out. Not really sure when v1.0 will come out now, if it ever does.


Anyways, this is my request. If any of you guys have some nice dungeons that you have made, and wouldn't mind letting me integrate into my mod, I'd be happy for the help. Doesn't need to be anything massive or sprawling either. Until those dungeons are finished, I doubt I'll really be able to take any of the other steps that I need to get done seriously.


Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's kind of the point I'm at right now, where I can't really do much of anything right now because there is way too much work to be done. A vicious cycle, I must say.


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Its sad to hear that, but again I really don't mind waiting for whatever period you might need. So take it easy and work with it in a baby steps manner, no rush. :)


Also we don't want you to feel frustrated because that's always what makes modders quit. (please don't :( )

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Well, I could try and make some things for you ,but don't count on it. I'm kind of busy with life at the moment, but I've also made some dungeons and random spaces in Skyrim whilst I dabbled in it.


Anyway, if I get the time I could try and make a dungeon or two for you. It just depends on how big the place is and what theme you want to go with it :P


One final note, I hope you don't give up on this project! It's such a great mod ,and you should also remember not to overwork yourself because of the dreaded burn-out.

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I'd suggest refocusing on the stuff you have down pat now.  


Scenes and dialogue.  Make Tigras a follower and work out some cool alpha-beta scenes, etc.  Sexout Breeder has been in development forever.  You can't aim to make deathclaw saga type content up front, you gotta work through bloatfly and fenris type stuff first.

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I probably should add that I still have no idea how to go about turning Tigras into a follower. Once I figure that out, designing the rest of his relationships will be easy. Unfortunately, that's the hard part...

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just go check how every other fellower work... by principe fellower all use the same data base go take a look at a character like aela the huntress or check for a guide to making fellower. Ive made fellowers before its stupid simple once you know

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I IM'd you a modified breeder.esp with some new dialogue options, scripts, and faction additions for Tigras.  This will make him a follower and give him standard follow, wait, dismiss commands.  Let me know if you get stuck on anything else, all I ask in return is I can ask for your help when I run into funky issues coding MCM compatiability, deal?



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Been working on some other things instead of the mess that the quest progression will be. There is one in particular I'm excited about. Anyone have a good sound effect of a girl howling? I'm finally going to be able to give that howl spell I've wanted to put in for quite a while, and give it a good use as well. More on that tomorrow! :)

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