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Entry 5- Lets talk about dependencies



Again, read the blog first, please.  

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  1. 1. TCRA?

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  2. 2. SoS- Full

    • Yes, male hybrids please
    • No, back to the drawing board for you, slave!

Been a busy week for me, but I've still found plenty of stuff to talk about, even though not a lot has gone into designing SLB this week. I instead put some time into adding more functionality to Sexlab Release, which was originally based on one of the features in SLB, auto masturbation at maxed arousal. Now that SLR has more functionality than what SLB does in that regard, I'm planning on removing the feature entirely from SLB in the next update. If you still want auto masturbation, you can use SLR instead. The nice thing is that you can turn it off and on completely at will, and won't trigger during combat.


Anyways, on to the main topic of the post, dependencies. There have been a couple of mods that I've been looking at using some of their features in order to add some more interesting stuff to SLB. To be honest, other than needing the file as a master, there really isn't a downside to them. (Except maybe the second one... For some reason, people seem to love using different versions of the second one, which is something I can't work around).



First of all, there is Trykz's asset mod, TCRA. It would give me a lot more features with which to design npcs with, and would just be awesome in general to have all those assets around. Plus it would give me some resources to (maybe) build a hybrid custom race somewhere down the line. There really is no downsides to having this installed either, and if people use any of Trykz's custom races, they would need it installed anyways.


Second, there is Schlongs of Skyrim (full version). To be honest, there seems to be a very... polarized opinion of SoS. Some people seem to hate it, others love it, while others will only use the light version. In order to create a convincing male hybrid, I would need to have SoS as a dependency in order to add in the keyword that would allow the schlong to show up even when the armor is equipped. I've tried various different things with creating male meshes like better males, but things don't work very well, to put it lightly. At any rate, SoS seems to be a pretty ideal standard to use, (and its what I use personally as well, so I'm a bit biased towards it as well) and its one of the best looking male body meshes out there right now. SoS also is based around the Mighty Beasts mesh for werewolves. Because of SoS and mighty beasts being so compatible, I'm planning on making Tigras... bigger over time. In more ways than one. ;)


Edit: An honorable mention goes to Beeing Female, which is a dependency I will be adding regardless of what you guys think. Right now this mod doesn't really live up to its name. Beeing Female will fix that, if you know what I mean.


Anyways, I don't really want to add a ton of dependencies in my mod, but on the other hand, these dependencies would also allow me to do a lot of cool stuff in the future. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter though.


Also, just a little bit more about my plans for 1.0... I'm going to be making custom dungeons, yeah, but most of them will probably remain extremely small (one to two rooms). Large dungeons are simply going to take far too long to make and quality test.

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Just as a little extra to add on here, I'm not asking about making these requirements for no reason. I have a lot of plans for them, especially SoS...

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