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Is it missing an "if" event?

Storms of Superior




I don't know what to try. I was watching a tutorial that showed how to make OnRead events, but of course it looks much too simple, as the guy was only making an example quest.


Therefore, to fully state what I'm trying to accomplish... I made an elder scroll that has this script attached to it. Of course I want the "cool graphic" that is the elder scroll script to play, but when it's finished I want my script to trigger, therefore cutting to a load screen, in which case, when the load screen is finished, the player finds himself/herself at a specific point inside The Crystal Corridor.


This should be very simple, and here are some specifics regarding the elder scroll in question: 1) it will be lootable (which I have to learn how to do), 2) I want it to trigger by using/reading it like a book that starts a quest or the Devious Devices book that teaches the player how to craft the devices, when read. The major difference between the previous examples and the elder scroll in question is that the elder scroll in question will send the player to a designated spot.


I'm almost sure this explanation is more complicated than what I'm trying to accomplish, but at least I have produced at least some level of script understanding, which is all encouragement.


Does anyone have the gusto to explain what's wrong and what's right with what I'm attempting?


Thanks, folks.


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For one thing, curly braces { } count as multi-line comments in Papyrus. Your script there will do absolutely nothing.


For another, if you remove the braces, you'll have two definitions (scriptname extends objectreference etcetera) and there should only be one.


Also, this should work for a book, but it might not work for an elder scroll. I honestly don't know for sure. It depends on what the UI defines as a book item.


If it does end up working, you might want to add a delay in there, so that the player isn't automatically moved the instant you open the scroll, which might look or feel odd. Give the player perhaps two seconds. Test it out in-game to see if the delay is too long or too short.


Just before your .moveto part.


Other things you might consider doing are adding a sound effect for the teleport, and maybe a debug.notification line for flavor.


Also, and this is just my personal feeling, it's not a bad idea to add a debug.trace line in your scripts, so if a player has problems you can ask for a papyrus log and hopefully find out exactly where something went wrong, or if it was even your mod to start with.

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Ok. I tried to just cut the curls in case I actually needed them. Of course that didn't look right. I will remove it.


The wait is a good idea. I'll test the scroll in the game and give the entire effect a Mississippi count to find out how long it should wait.


The additional teleport sound is unnecessary; the idea is to use the elder scroll effect for that.


I have done a debug message. I could stand a one time message before the teleport, as well as one afterward. It seems as though I would have to remove that script and run another one afterward.


Anyway, the debug message and the debug.trace line should wait until I get the script right and feel comfortable with writing script.


Thanks for the ideas.


Other information: both the CK and the UI list this item as a book.

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