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Finally made my script compile, but...

Storms of Superior


I'm trying to use an elder scroll to teleport to The Crystal Corridor. Is there a script to attach to make it so it can be picked up? As of now, It's nothing but a static decoration on a table.


Scriptname _tcc_teleport_script extends ObjectReference


Actor Property PlayerRef auto


ObjectReference property TCC_headmarker auto


Event OnActivate (PlayerRef akActionRef)
Actor akPlayer = PlayerRef.MoveTo(TCC_headmarker)


This script is meant to trigger when opening the scroll, but after the elder scroll script is finished. So, my script does precisely dick.


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If it's just a static mesh, you'll have to add an activator to it before you can activate it. ;)

Attaching the script to the object won't do anything without an activator on it.


I *think* all you have to do is add some sort of activator then attach your script to the activator. Not certain...

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I did add one to the inventory via the console (missing piece of info). When I opened it in the inventory screen, it did the elder scroll thing, but did not teleport.


The gist of what should happen is that the elder scroll graphic should play, and then it should cut to a loading screen, after which the player is in the predefined location inside the Crystal Corridor.

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We've got sort of a modding help thread going, where inexperienced users like you and I can ask more experienced users for help with this kind of thing. Would you like me to add you to it?

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