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Onward Dragon Soldiers Part 8



Jumping jugs Batman, a new part!


Yes, I've returned after not doing much of anything. Why? Stuff. But it let me think on how I wanted to shape this part. Originally, there was only one character that was supposed to show up in this one, but due to technical problems, that couldn't happen. So instead, it became three, and the story changed ever so slightly. The overall idea was there, but the execution was a bit different. That being said, I hope you like elves.


Now, in the name of all things bountiful, jiggly, and bootiful, Onward Dragon Soldiers!

It was a dark and...not really stormy night, but it was dark. Bitches were in heat, and our local slut still hasn't managed to calm a certain elf down, even after dragging her back to the castle and having her way with her.




Poor Tania has had her pussy destroyed for a day and 16 hours, but even with our all mighty slut's power, she still hasn't managed to calm her down.




Averna: I never thought I'd see the day that a woman managed to resist my body. She's cum enough times to fill up 3/10ths of all the men I've fucked.




Sha: My love, you really need to stop before you break her body. And...does your face look a bit different?




Averna: What? My face? No, it's been this way since part 1. Really. I didn't have a redesign or anything, it's still the same old Averna.




Averna: Look if you wanna avoid something bad happening to us, I suggest you pretend the narrator didn't alter me in any way.




Mary: So not only do we have to deal with Tania now, but Averna keeps breaking the 4th wall.
Amalia: Yes honey, she's always done that. Sha is just too self righteous about her own intellect, that she fails to notice.




Noela: The smell of female cum lead me here. But this doesn't look like a prison.
Noemie: This place even had a bath. Tania must be awfully cozy here.
Sela: Why is that woman naked?




Mary: Sweet titty twisters! Where the hell did these three come from!?




Amalia: It seems three lovely elves have invaded our castle without permission.




Averna: Yes, why are you three just waltzing inside people's castles?




Noela: Please excuse us. Had we known you were friends with Amalia, I would have not needed my scythe to decapitate you so I could fuck your beheaded throat.
Averna: What.
Sela: By your naked form, it seems you've tried to sedate Tania's lust.
Noemie: I wish a bountiful woman sated my body. She has such nice jiggling titties.




Without a real explanation, the girls pushed past Averna, and began to encircle Tania. The three elves examine her for a moment before speaking.


Noemie: Tania, you poor thing. You look like you've been having sex for weeks.
Noela: If you weren't a forest elf, your pussy would be gaping. We'll fix you up.
Sela: Just let us get our clothes off, and we'll be right with you.




Noela was the first to tear her clothes off and mount Tania.


Noela: There, you remember how tight my pussy was right? We always used to do this when we were younger.
Noemie: You two were so cute back then.
Averna: I don't wanna know how much younger that was.




Nolea: See, you do remember my insides. Just thrust, that's what I'm here for.




Noela: Yes Tania, remember your days as a young forest elf. The four of us would always have sex together. Your poor sex drive was cranked up way too high, so you always spent your days pounding the three of us for weeks.
Noemie: I was always so sore.




Noela: Your poor ears have even retracted. These people really don't know how to pleasure you. We'll fix that.




Noela: Cum Tania. It's the only way to restore your body to normal. Push all of your lust inside me.




Noemie: Hey, I wanted to be next!
Sela: You can wait your turn. You always take too long.




Sela: Tania. Remember when we'd spy on Amalia having sex with her fiance? You'd bend me over and dip inside me, and we'd watch Amalia get filled with semen.
Averna: You watched Amalia have sex? Tania's a bigger pervert than I thought.
Sha: Takes one to know one.




Sela: You remember this position too, don't you? You're thrusting even harder.




Sela: Plunge deeper into my hole. Use me like a slave. My body has no rights, it's here for you to abuse until I am no more.
Averna: I sense necrophilia.




Sela: Cum Tania, cum with me! Let me feel your body convulse!




Noemie: Now it's my turn. I get to suck on your wonderful nipples.




Noemie: You like it when I tease you? You always said I was a tease. Even though this dick is fake, it still feels like a man's when I rub against it.




Noemie: When I slide inside you, it reminds me of the time those men caught us having sex. We invited them to join us too. It's too bad we had to rape them to death.
Sela: Honestly sister, you just wanted someone to pour their semen inside you. You tied up those men and rode them until they bled.
Noemie: I was surprised when their semen was filled with blood too!
Averna: Wait, you guys are sisters? And one of you is a bigger psychopath than Amalia?




Noemie: I got on top of them just like this. They loved it at first, but after eight times, they started crying. Even after an hour had past, he was trying to shove me off his dick. But I loved it inside me.




Noemie: Did our memories make you horny Tania? You're thrusting so much harder. You liked raping those men too, didn't you?




Noemie: You jumped on top of them just like this, and shoved their dick up to your womb. I thought you were trying to get pregnant.




Noemie: And here I thought you always wanted to make a baby with me. Don't you wish these enchanted fake dicks could produce semen? We wouldn't need men anymore! All you'd have to do is have sex with me forever!




Noemie: Yes Tania, you like that thought don't you? Yes, cum inside me! Fill my womb up!




Sela: And that should be it. Tania will return to normal in a few hours. You should let her take a dip in the bath to relax for now.
Noela: We got a little carried away though. We really love Tania.
Noemie: Although I'll have her baby first!




The Elves: Uhhhh.....




Sela: Why are they having sex?
Averna: They got horny watching Tania, so they decided to help each other out.




Sela: In any case, we ask that you let us stay to take care of Tania's libido. Only us elves can fully cure her pheromones.
Noemie: I'm gonna have sex with Tania forever and ever!
Noela: We can't pay you, but we think we can find another means of showing our gratitude.




Averna: Yes, I think I can fit in you three quite nicely. Don't worry, you can rely on me.




Sela: Fit us in the castle, right? You're going to show us our rooms?




Noela: For some reason, I'm a little afraid of that woman. Her smile is...haunting.
Noemie: She reminds me of those men but...she feels so scary.




Moments later...


Averna: Common, it's just a little anal. You have to be warmed up by now.
Sela: Wait, I didn't think we'd have to have sex!




Averna: It's almost in, just relax.
Sela: Wait, I've never had anything in there before!




Averna: See, it wasn't so bad.
Sela: Not where I poop! Please!
Averna: Oh don't you have anything better to say in bed? I don't wanna hear that.




Averna: See, you feel much better now that I've relaxed you.
Sela: It feels too weird...




Averna: You complain an awful lot, but I can feel your pussy cumming.
Sela: I can't believe I came like this...




Averna: You have such nice silky white hair. Reminds me of my own.
Noemie: Wait, my pussy is waiting for Tania!




Averna: If you wanna have more sex with her, then you gotta spend a night with me.
Noemie: It's too big! You'll ruin Tania's favorite hole!




Averna: I'm being rough with you, my little rapist, for how badly you treated those men. I may have caused a few men to be afraid of women, but I never drew blood.
Noemie: But we only use men for babies! We don't need their bodies, just their dicks.




Averna: Aren't we arrogant? I guess I'll have to go deeper.
Noemie: Wait, it's too much!




Averna: Cum my little rapist. Cum as I rape you.
Noemie: I'm sorry Tania!




Averna: You seem to be the only sister who doesn't do evil things to people, so I'll be nicer to you.
Noela: Wait, I'm scared. I don't want to end up like Noemie!




Averna: It's okay dear, I was only teaching her a lesson. I'll just glide it into you.
Noela: But it's pushing me apart.
Averna: It's okay, just relax. I won't hurt you.




Noela: Even though my sisters were screaming, why are you going so slow inside?
Averna: I told you it wouldn't be so bad. Even your other sister was a bit of a peeping Tom.
Noela: This pace...feels nice.




Noela: I've never been taken like this before.
Averna: You're grabbing me like you don't want to stop.
Noela: Please don't. You feel so good.




Averna: You came faster than your sisters, even though I was much faster. Are you weak when someone loves you?
Noela: I'm...not weak.




Averna: Come on, I know you wanna take the lead now. Bounce all you like.
Noela: I know what I'm doing.




Noela: No man has ever made me feel this way. I want to feel like this, everyday!
Averna: Stay with me then. If you live in this castle, I'll have sex with you all day and night.




Averna: Or, would you rather sleep in my bed? Do you want me to embrace you in bed? To cuddle against your body while I slide inside you?
Noela: Yes, I want to sleep in your bed! I want to feel your body while I sleep! Don't leave me!




Averna: You came so hard that I feel like that was a love confession. Do you want to be my wife or something?
Noela: Please, take me as yours. I'll do anything. I'll even have your children.
Averna: Calm down there, I'm sure I can fit you in with the other women in my life. Just try not to fight too much with Sha, she gets jealous.




Three creepy sisters! A plunge in the pooper! Some rape, and a...love confession? These scenes are so all over the place you can hardly tell who's part of the harem, and who's just a sex slave. But how on earth is Averna going to juggle eight women? Especially when two of them are deeply in love with her? Will Averna's harem ever stop growing? Probably when there's no more women to take.



That part was up and down and all around. If you made sense of any of that, congratulations. I feel like this would probably mark the end of the Tania arc, if I decide so anyway. But don't worry, that's not all I got planned. When next we meet, I have a few plans that involve some vampires. OOOOH, SPOOKY!

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