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Kallista Scelsvir Brander



I don't know about you, but I find my smut to be more enjoyable when I feel like I know the characters involved. Getting to know a character, building a history behind them, can make them more appealing. To that end, I am beginning a series of blog entries intended to tell you about my characters. In case the title didn't already inform you, today we're starting with my very first character, my Dragonborn - Kallista Scelsvir Brander.



Kallista Scelsvir Brander is an only child, born in Falkreath to mother Anwella Scelsvir and father Kaldvind Brander in 4e170. The Brander name stretches back many centuries, tracing their lineage as powerful woman warriors as far back as Ysgramor's Five Hundred Companions. The men of the Brander name tended to be peaceful, gentle souls, though Kaldvind certainly didn't look it. He had been a lumberjack most of his life and was built big and tough, made only more intimidating by his height, unusual even for a Nord, with piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. Anwella was a sellsword doing odd jobs between Falkreath and Helgen. A strong warrior in her own right, she had red hair and green eyes.







Kallista spent the first five years of her life in Falkreath, Kaldvind working lumber while Anwella went to fight for the Empire in the Great War. Anwella was killed during the sacking of the Imperial City, causing Kaldvind great grief and planting a seed in young Kallista's heart that wouldn't grow until later in her life. Shortly after the Great War, County Bruma acquired a parcel of land rife with old growth forest and sent request for experienced lumberjacks to harvest it for rebuilding. Kaldvind, seeing an opportunity to leave the city that only reminded him of his wife as well as earn enough coin to secure Kallista's future, moved his small family there immediately.


Kaldvind was a devout of Talos and fiercely loyal to the Empire. He tried to instill these values in Kallista, especially after moving to Bruma. She took the lessons of Talos well, but even at her young age, she would question the Empire's worthiness of her loyalty. If Talos has founded the Empire, why would they ban his worship? Why did they let the elves dictate such things? She grew to resent the Empire, much to Kaldvind's disappointment.





Kallista took up swordsmanship, aiming for little more than to be a sellsword. A Dark Elf mercenary by the name of Alathas Imyral took her under his wing, training her with the greatsword. She traveled with Alathas' diverse band of mercenaries, going from Chorrol to Cheydinhal doing odd jobs, guarding caravans, and clearing out goblin dens. The camaraderie she formed with them stuck with her.







Word of unrest in Skyrim trickled down through the High Jeralls. Though she told others that her reason for leaving was her growing distaste for the Empire, believing them unfit to rule if they couldn't protect their citizens' ways of life, the truth was that was only part of it. Something in her heart called her back north - back home. She and a few other disenfranchised Nords headed north, avoiding the roads to dodge Imperial and Thalmor patrols, eventually joining with another band of Nords bound for Windhelm.


Fate would intervene as they reached Darkwater Crossing...






Nudes and naughty information under the spoiler!



Tkio6DGc.jpg jqIQ1fH2.jpg

Kallista is an exhibitionist. She is notorious at many inns and taverns for losing her top after only one or two drinks, has on numerous occasions wandered around Whiterun topless, and claims to have wandered stark naked through several villages and two different cities without being caught.


Kallista has had remarkably few sexual encounters. Most the ones she's had were simply her giving blowjobs.


Kallista loves blowjobs. For her, there is nothing as emotionally satisfying, sexually speaking, as performing oral sex and bringing her partner to climax. Penetration is fun and feels good, but she can be perfectly content with just performing oral.


Kallista prefers men and elves. While not romantically interested in other women, she does find them sexually attractive - though she has never had a female sex partner. She is not attracted to beast races, including orcs, and is absolutely not into animals and creatures.



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