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Hailing from a village outside Silvenar, Kynre grew up a thief. Born in 4e33, she never knew an Imperial Valenwood. The Thalmor were a constant presence, and she didn't take well to their style of authority. She lashed out by making targets of Thalmor-aligned citizens and nobles. Eventually her shenanigans got her banned from the city. She knew no fame, had no following, and wasn't made some kind of martyr - she was a simple miscreant, and when she left, no one cared.


Her renaissance came as she drifted from village to village. She wasn't an exceptional thief and quickly plateaued her skills as a pickpocket. What she discovered travelling alone and relying on herself to survive, was that she had a knack with a bow, and that being alone gave her a sort of peace. Hunting was second nature. The plants and animals all around seemed to ease her restless soul


She mellowed out tremendously as she pursued a new career as a hunter. She traded pelts at various villages, hunting into the southern parts of Cyrodiil. Her peaceful life would continue for many decades.


Then finally, the Thalmor did what she knew they would eventually try to do - recruit her. She was fit and able-bodied, and the war, while favorable, was taking a toll on their numbers. There was a scuffle, and a Thalmor battlemage managed to burn her face, but she escaped with her life and the death of at least one Thalmor official on her hands. She couldn't stay in Valenwood anymore, and the Empire was looking to fall to them any day now. She went to the first place she could think of that might still be free - Skyrim.


Now she spends her days honing her talents as a ranger and strengthening her bond with nature. She would soon begin to manifest the deep blood-borne magicks flowing through all Bosmer, allowing her to communicate with and command animals. She desires only the company of the forest, and spends most of her time in the Rift, occasionally heading to the Whiterun tundra and pine forests of Falkreath to hunt game.


Lewd information and an obligatory nude under the spoiler!


(Also, if you saw the Kallista blog but didn't see a lewd info section, go back and check - I've added one.)


Though Kynre prefers the company of men given the choice, she has had more animal sex partners.


Kynre isn't a terribly sexual person by nature, and has had relatively few sexual encounters. Her first was a domestic dog.


Kynre thinks little of her sexual taste for animals. They are as kin to her as any man or mer, so making love to them is no different than making love to a person. It helps that her ability to communicate with animals allows them to consent...


Despite being an avid nature fan, Kynre is not too keen on nudity. Naked is exposed, exposed is dangerous. Still, she is very comfortable with her body and, given good reason to do so, has no problem being naked around others.


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