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Flame-Child: Part Two: Chapter Twenty Two - For Power 3 (Carciel)



Flame-Child: Part Two:
Chapter Twenty Two - For Power 3 (Carciel)


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Part One


“IF we make it out of this, I WILL kill you,” Eolri said once the two Bretons had distanced themselves from the bandit. “Why can’t you listen? Why must you always hesitate—”
“What’s going on? Why are we being chased by another of Hircine’s followers?”
“Huntsmen,” Eolri corrected. “And it’s your fault! I set everything up perfectly! I killed Galof, became the alpha in my pack, became Hircine’s Champion, and I was already the Champion of Clavicus Vile. All you had to do was kill me, and everything would have been fine. But noooo, you want to have vengeance AND compassion. Damn everything to Oblivion!!!”
“So,” Carciel said as she dodged Bazogra’s swift and deadly swat at her. “How do we kill him? I’ve got no silver anywhere on me.”
Eolri shook her head. “We don’t.”
Again and again the sisters dodged and deflected Bazogra’s furious attacks, and again and again the beast’s temper rose. Scratching, clawing, roaring, jawing, the werewolf kept at it until it and the sisters began to get visibly tired.22_006.jpg












Ducking behind a large rock, the Syliel’s sat down and tried to catch their breath momentarily. After a while Carciel let out a sigh and said, “This is insane… We can’t win by running, Eoly!”

“And we can’t win by fighting, Ciel!” Eolri gave her a vicious stare. “If I could turn into a werewolf, maybe… but Bazogra…” Eolri looked around and didn’t see the beast anywhere. “There were four contenders for the title of Hircine’s Champion. I killed one, he was an elf a sly fucker, went by the name Shade. He was the quickest of the four. Galof, the strongest of us, beat Bazogra but wasn’t able to kill him. And as I said, I killed Galof.”
“Why are you telling me this right n—”
“Bazogra is the most feral of us all. He won’t stop until either us or him are dead, and now that he’s transformed, there’s nothing either of us can do to stop him!”
Carciel sighed and got to her feet. “There’s probably something we could do…”
“Time isn’t on our side Ciel,” Eolri said getting to her feet as well. “We’re overpowered and it’s only a matter of time before he finds us. I may be called Hircine’s Champion, but I’ve yet to receive his boon…”
Carciel sulked, but then an idea came into her head. “You’re Clavicus Vile’s Champion as well, right?”




Carciel smiled at her mischievously. “Grant me two wishes and I’ll save us both. I promise.”
Eolir narrowed her eyes. “Do you understand what you’re asking me?”


Carciel nodded. “Just trust me. It’s either this or trying to outrun that werewolf until daybreak, and I don’t know about you, but I can’t hold out for that long.”
Eolri frowned and looked away from Carciel. “I can’t—”
Suddenly the beast’s roars filled the air and Carciel could tell that he was close. “Eolri!”


“F-fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Eolri sighed and then looked at Carciel with a peculiar smile on her face. “So, what’s your heart’s desire? What kind of deal can we strike?”22_022.jpg


“I need you to make it so the werewolf can’t smell me or see me unless he’s looking directly at me.”


Eolri got up and began to stretch. “Figures you’d want an out for yourself. Now then—”


“Wait that’s only one!” Eolri raised an eyebrow at Carciel’s words, but the younger sister continued unfazed, “My second wish is for you to give me a bottle the most delicious, intoxicating, mead that will get me liquored up with a single drop.”
“A… whole bottle of the stuff?”


“The quicker I get drunk, the better!”


Eolri looked at Carciel quizzically and then smiled. “You are the weirdest little sister anyone could have, you know that.” Carciel nodded. “Anyway, done and done.”
“Really?” Carciel said sniffing herself. “I don’t feel or smell any different. Also, the mead—”


“You’ll see it when I leave. I don’t want to see an inebriated Ciel, especially in a not so joyous occasion.” Eolri looked toward the moon and said, “So sister, what is my role in this wild plan of yours?”
“Distract Bazogra.”
Eolri nodded and hugged Carciel, causing the younger Breton to blush. “I’ve missed you so, Ciel. Let’s go home after this and do some catching up.”


“Yeah… lets…”22_028.jpg

Part Two


Eolri ran out of their cover and began making a bunch of noise. Soon the werewolf was on her and the two were tangled up in a deadly duel many would have loved to witness… but not Carciel. She took her eyes off of them once she realized Eolri would be okay, and immediately looked for the mead.22_029.jpg










“Aha! There you go.” It looked like any normal bottle of mead but Carciel knew it was exactly what she wanted. Immediately the Breton popped the bottle open and downed the whole thing straightaway.22_035.jpg


“Aaaaah… That was better than anything I’ve ever had in my life!” Carciel tossed the bottle to the ground. “I’ve got to get Eolri to get me another one—“
Suddenly Carciel’s vision blurred and her thinking stopped. She felt good, too good, but it was too much. She tried to just sit back and watch her sister and the werewolf go at it, but even that was a chore. She tripped over her own doing so, and then the fight…
In her stupor, the fight seemed to be going at light speed and in slow motion at the same time. When she just tried to look at the fight in passing, she couldn’t keep up. It was just a blur of claws and swords that were indistinguishable from one another. But if she focused as best as she could, she could notice how fast her sister was breathing, how she would squint ever so slightly and tighten her arm muscles whenever she went for a power attack, how the werewolf seemed to favor his left leg any time he ran or attacked…
“Dash ib!” Carciel shouted accidentally gaining the werewolf and her sister’s attention. She saw the werewolf glare at her noticing her inebriated state and could literally hear his heartbeat hasten in anticipation. “Aww fuuuuggg…”22_041.jpg


Eolri tried to deter him, but the werewolf swatted her out the way and rushed at Carciel full force. Staring into his eyes, Carciel could see him wince every time he took a step and knew that he probably didn’t even notice it. “Haaaaaaaaaa… Poo beesh… Joo unly gonna hert ert erself runnin ah me like dat—”22_042.jpg


“Carciel get out of the way!!”


Carciel shook herself sober and could feel her heart almost explode now that the werewolf was within lunging distance of her. Seeing the beast dive straight for her, Carciel tried her best to dodge and luckily was able to get out of the way before the beast crashed into where she’d previously been.
While it was in a daze, Eolri came over and helped her sister up. “You’re insane you know that you mammoth! Gods, stop putting all your weight on me Ciel!”
Ciel pushed herself off Eolri and fell to the ground. “Lisssen Eoly, id’s leeh! A-tack da beeshes lef leeh!”
“We don’t have time for this, get up and—”
Carciel swatted her sister’s hand away and stared her dead in the eye. “Go. For. Leff. Leehg.”
Eolri saw the beast returning to its feet and sighed. “If this doesn’t work, I’ll scour the daedric realms until I find you and beat the crap out of you… dear sister.” Carciel smiled at her last words and nodded like a little kid. “Alright Hircine, don’t bait me now…”
As soon as Bazogra was back to his feet, Eolri went for a low attack that made the beast howl in pain for the first time since they’d been fighting. Again and again she went low making sure to dodge and duck his counter assault, and after some repetitions of this she could see it working.22_050.jpg


Bazogra was wounded, and wasn’t moving around nearly as much as he had been. In fact, he wasn’t moving from his spot at all. That coupled with the fact that being transformed made his body much more durable to a point, Bazorgra knew he couldn’t take much more damage without it being irreparable and possibly fatal. Unlucky for him, Eolri wasn’t so forgiving.22_052.jpg




Now that he couldn’t move about as much Eolri was relentless, giving the beast bruises all over his body. Bolder and bolder, Eolri stopped seeing Bazorgra as an entity that could possibly kill her and saw him only as prey. And just like all prey that she caught in her sights, Eolri separated Bazogra’s soul from his body.22_055.jpg




When it was over Eolri dropped to her knees and began breathing haggardly. She’d won, she’d proven herself to be the best once more, but at what cost? Feeling the presence of another, she glanced in its direction and saw a stag standing there staring right at her. To her surprise, it nodded at her and then disappeared leaving Eolri awestruck.22_058.jpg




“…ly? Eoly?” Getting over her shock, Eolri turned and saw her inebriated sister grinning foolishly at her. “Ish kay now, you wun.”
Slowly a grin crept upon Eolri’s face and she was overcome with emotion. She dropped her weapon and semi-tackled Carciel with tear filled eyes. “Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid! I… I didn’t mean… you’re not a backup plan Ciel! You’re not! YOU’RE NOT!”
Carciel brushed her sister’s hair and brought her close. “I know… I know…” (Thank the Gods… thank the Gods…)22_063.jpg


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