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It has been a while since I've posted :(.


Sadly yet positively this is because I've been slowly making changes towards my life to having a career, hopefully. With only another 2 months till college is complete and doing an internship until December I am pretty much using borrowed time to mod :(. (Basically I work and stuff 7 days a week). Despite all of this the juices are still flowing and atm I am still planning and trying to get 100% ready to start some resources for Totoko City.


The Building


Basically I managed to do some buildings but they came out relatively glitchy. It was a first attempt and tbh this first building is not the first but the others were so bad that they were not even note worthy. This building may be fixed up and may either server as a small little shop (in a more suburban area) or as a fast food place, as when looking at it I could not help but think McDonalds :P.





The funny thing I've noticed that the modeling of the more phenomenal buildings as well as the more suburban buildings will take more time then the City buildings. In the urban areas there is not much architectural exquisiteness required as it would be in the suburban areas since with those they usually require more of a distinct look while the concrete jungles require all a simple shape flat roof (with maybe ventilation, boiler, or water pumps on the top). I really want to mod with what I have though. The exact location of this place is NOT where it will be in the final version of course.

Another simple weapon type

I also decided I wanted to add a nice touch to my outfits, so with this mod another new weapon will be introduced, the weapon type will be Stiletto's I do warn that upon release these wep's will not be ultra effective but they will be ultra fast, maybe faster then liked as it is compensating for the weakness. Very Seldom they will have some damage power to them. Also if I gain the skill I will see if I can make it work where you pull it from the shoe (but tbh don't expect it as it is too much work for a small detail and might be one of those things implemented after the official release).























At this moment I will make sheeths for them. As this is my first attempt I will include it but it will be the ugliest of them as it is nothing special. Very simple. Though the weps themselves will be more or less simple as they will literally be a slightly modified heel. This will go only for stiletto style heels and will be included as an add on in shops where you buy the actual shoes. (unless I make an equip script where you put on the shoes and get the wep). This mod will use ALL slots in some way or another.

Necklace for the Cleric Armor

A while but not forgotten is my cleric armor.

I totally neglected to complete it. I still need to make a Shield and a wep. I am debating if the companion classes armors will be released as a single one that is buffed well enough to last a long time or if I may make like a while level of them (probably a level of them).








Another cute thing is that this necklace is good because it is not your normal weight (like some of my older releases) in this case the necklace will not deform when looking up, it has been weighted with one of Speedbusters great works. Speedbuster always does an amazing job and is a good example to follow, hell I wish I had to courage to ask him/her to join my team (that would be an honor). But I know realistically it would not happen :(. One can dream though right?

Also this necklace goes well with other outfits as well.





One thing to note, for the most part Companion armor WILL NOT be player armors, this can be changed if I notice people start demanding them. This also goes with any of my mods, if I see a MAJOR craving for any of them like people asking for it in various places I will try to make either an early alpha or speed up the release of it.

But other then that things will go as normal. Of course few armors and outfits will be distributed ONLY to some people. As I do and will do very limited editions of some stuff.

Small modifications = new outfit

So I've also done some minor modifications on another outfit, Remember my Santa set? A while back I planned on fixing it up. I am still thinking of it but I was playing around with some texture swap and with the Cleric outfit, the added belt REALLY adds a nice touch. So I decided that I would play around a bit more and this is what I came up with.










This Santa outfit may not see the light of day mainly because it was me pretty much playing around and playing texture Swap but we will see. Again Demand is my thing, if it is widely asked for then why not, but I may not do a Santa release this year but who knows. Just an FYI, I go back to a normal life in December as my internship ends and I go back to having a couple days that are OFF OFF. Also I am not planning on continuing my education until 2014 (no don't worry it is not to mod


Thongs and sexualized clothing?

Personally I am a fan of sexy but slightly revealing with a nice small touch of coverage (kind of like my love for Full Backs and Tanga Panties). BUT I have noticed that on both blogs (Female and TS) there has been a liking for the Tanga styled panties post and major viewings on my Sexy High Lace Thong Set. So with that being said, I will try to make sure to include more things and Strings in my mods. Also more "sexy skimpier clothing" now while I have not released a whole lot of outfits publicly I do pay attention to peoples PM's to me and what is said/ looked at on my blog. Because of this I will add it, of course because I DO also mod for my own needs it will also have my impression of Sexy (Short Short skirts with nice fullback panties) but now they will either come with a thong variant or have close to as many equal thong like sets to rival that. A good example is this Ninja Suit I will be work on soon, it was planned to have full backs but because I've noticed the raving for thongs I will make it a thong and keep the fullback version for either alternate or personal use ;p. But with this bare in mind the catcher is if I keep noticing a high demand for my thong works. I once again am a lover of the full backs so as long as I am seeing love for my thong works I will keep adding them :).



Regardless, keep in mind I am NOT all Thongs, I still feel as I've always felt about Oblivions mods (the feeling that there are more then enough thongs out there) but I am not one to neglect something people ask me for, or that I feel people may want to see. Who would not want to see a nice thick butt in a thong right?


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