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Flame-Child Chapter Six: The Highs and the Lows



Chapter Six: The Highs and the Lows


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Niyleen continued along the path hurriedly just trying to get as far away from Lucari as possible. She came upon a bridge when her emotions finally got the better of her. After a short out pour of tears, Niyleen wiped her eyes and put her hand on her head. (Get it together girl. Stop acting this way over someone you just met. She may have called you so, but you two weren’t even frien—)
tumblr_ofqvr6iYtv1ry2eeyo2_1280.pngNiyleen looked ahead and saw another body laid out on the ground, but this one was fresh. She drew her weapon and looked around worriedly. “Damn, another attack,” she said as she got closer to the body. “I wonder what poor sod was killed by the Forsworn this…!!”


Before her was the last thing she would have imagined, and the last thing she wanted to see.
“F-Forsworn…” Goosebumps crawled over Niyleen’s skin and she began to tremble. Memories of her being a Forsworn’s slave were flooding back to her and she couldn’t keep them out. Flashes of her being raped, bound, beaten and starved began to creep their way back to the surface of her mind, and for the first time since she was five years, Niyleen was completely terrified.


“H-h-h-he’s a d-dead Forsworn s-s-so it’s alr-right. H-h-he c-can’t hurt Niyle. S-so Niyle shouldn’t b-be afraid of him.” Suddenly she was fourteen and still in shock over the whole ordeal. She remembered the tales her father told her about the Forsworn and how they used her over and over until her eyes were extinguished of all life.
She couldn’t think right. Every inch of her being was telling her to do one thing, and so she did. She ran. Niyleen ran until she came up on a house that looked more or less abandoned. Whether or not it was, was a completely different matter, but that didn’t matter. Her mind was telling her that she needed to hide and so that’s what she was going to do.
She tried opening the door and found out that it was locked. Cursing her luck, she began fumbling around with the keyhole to see if she could get it open. If she were in her right state of mind, this would have taken ten seconds tops, but with how frazzled her mind was she was finally able to pick the lock after about two minutes. Bracing herself, she took a deep breath and entered the dwelling.
The residence was indeed vacant and though this should have been a comfort that fact only made Niyleen more anxious. There were just too many unknowns. “What happened to the homeowners? Was it Forsworn and if so what happened to that Forsworn outside? Maybe there is a Daedra about killing everything… Lucari…”
Grumble. Niyleen gripped her stomach and realized it had indeed been a while since she had a good meal, plus it’d be a good way to distract herself from both Lucari and the Forsworn. So she headed downstairs and got to work.
Beef stew, bread, and good old Nord Mead to wash it all down. It wasn’t as good as some of the grub you could get at local inns, but it was edible and filling.
Niyleen plopped down on the bed as soon as she finished eating and felt abnormally tired. (Haa… must be the itis.) She curled up on the bed and soon drifted off to sleep.
She awoke groggily not too much later gasping for air. “It’s… hot… too… hot…”
So she stripped of her iron armor, wiped the sweat off of her and tried to go back to sleep.
At first Niyleen was able to sleep peacefully, but after some time she began tossing and turning and gasping for air.
She awoke and knew something wasn’t right. She shouldn’t be here. What if whatever was out there killing everything showed up and killed her? And what about Lucari? Sure she was naïve, but she certainly didn’t deserve to die like a dog for no reason. Niyleen got dressed hurriedly and was about to start for the stairs when something dripped down onto her.


Her eyes widened when she saw what it was. “Blood… it’s already here.” Anxiously she looked for her blade but it wasn’t right next to the bed where she had placed it. In fact, it wasn’t anywhere. Normally Nilyeen would have continued searching but she had a very bad feeling about the situation so she headed upstairs.


As so as she hit the top step her eyes transfixed on the pool of blood in the center of the room; and the body that lay within it. Niyleen dropped to her knees and began sobbing uncontrollably. She was gone, Niyleen had betrayed her and now she was dead because of it.
Whispers began to fill the air and a familiar feeling of dread overwhelmed Niyleen. An icy chill crawled up her spine and when she turned around she was met with the sight of a being covered with skulls, furs, and animal feathers.


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!” Niyleen jolted up from the bed panting for air. Her heartbeat was racing but she was instantly relieved. “It was just a dream,” she said trying to calm herself.
“I hope it was a good dream,” an eerie voice said.


“Huh?” Niyleen looked in front of her and went pale in the face.


“What’s wrong Niyleen? Looks like you’ve seen a ghost?” The person in front of her jeered.


“Y-y-you should be dead. I killed you and your entire cell.” Niyleen tried to shy away from the person but to no avail.


“Yes, you killed my cell, Briarheart and all. But this Shaman can’t be felled by my little pet.”
“Nanae…” Niyleen said softly. Her eye bucked in fear, and she scurried back against the post near the bed. “B-b-b-back away!”


“Shut up slave, before my helper deals with you.” The Forsworn motioned toward the stairs.


Niyleen slowly looked over towards the stairs, trying to keep an eye on her intruder. “What… is that?”


The Forsworn Shaman flashed Niyleen a sinister smile, “Now then, say hello.”


The monstrosity roared, causing the house to tremble. It then turned its attention to Niyleen and aimed it’s bow at her.
“Now then,” Nanae said, edging closer to Niyleen. “What should I do to a disobedient pet that tried to bite the hand that fed it?”


Niyleen turned away. “I-I don’t know…”


“Wrong answer!”
Nanae backhanded Niyleen, grabbed her by the hair and lunged her across the room.
Niyleen yelped as she hit the ground, and again when she was kicked in the stomach.


“This trifling dog… you’re the reason everyone died!?” She kicked Niyleen again and spat on her. “You’re not even as valuable as the dirt beneath you and yet you…” Niyleen groaned in pain, and a malicious look came over Nanae’s face. She gathered flames in her hands and looked down at Niyleen in disdain. “You worthless piece of trash, you killed my brothers and sisters, MY Briarheart and you can’t even fathom the type of punishment that awaits you!?”
The heat of the flames beat on Niyleen’s neck. It was the end of her and she knew it, but then it was the end of a nightmare as well. She closed her eyes, still shivering from Nanae’s presence, but with acceptance of her faith and waited.




And waited. But the end never came. Niyleen opened her eyes and struggled to her feet.
When she got to her feet, Niyleen unsteadily turned toward her aggressor. “What in the?” One body, one arrow, a shot so clean and… “Pure?” The word stuck with Niyleen as she continued to gawk at Nanae’s lifeless body.
There was a creak on the steps and Niyleen whipped around and was again surprised at what she witnessed. “But I thought… where's the... didn’t we… Aren’t you…?” Niyleen’s brain and mouth were out of sync and was dreadfully letting the situation sweep her along with it.
There she was, breathing softly with an unfamiliar angry look on her face and her bow drawn ready to put another arrow in Nanae just because. But even still it was her, that wonderfully cute cheery girl. “Lucari…” Niyleen said almost as if it were a dream.
“You miss me already Niy,” Lucari said as she walked down the stairs and looked at Niyleen with a confident smirk. “Or is a lesbian milkdrinker like me still too naïve to talk to a cold bitch like you?”


That broke Niyleen and as soon as Lucari hit the bottom step, Niyleen rushed over and gave squeezed her tightly.
“Woah there,” Lucari said. “I may be into women, but me and you still have some issues to—”


“I’m sorry.” Niyleen couldn’t stop repeating that phrase as she hugged Lucari even tighter. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.”


“Woah…” Lucari stiffened for a moment before closing her eyes and reciprocating the hug. “There there… let it all out.”
And so Niyleen did. Her sadness, anguish, relief, happiness, pain all of it flooded from her with one big long sob. It definitely wasn’t pretty or characteristic of Niyleen, but she didn’t care. And although this may have seemed awkward after their last discussion, she knew that Lucari would be there for her.
Once Niyleen seemed to be finished, Lucari separated from her and gave her a heartfelt smile. “Well I don’t know what that was all about, and you may not tell me about it later, but…” She held her hands behind her and looked into Niyleen’s eyes. “Before I can trust you again you must do something for me without knowing what it is. And no take-backs!”
(This goofy girl,) Niyleen thought as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “Sure, you bet,” she said still trying to compose herself.
“Yippie!” Lucari jumped in the air as though she had just won at the Arena, then suddenly began fidgeting and looking at Lucari weirdly.


“So what do you want me to do,” Niyleen said, ready for anything that was coming to her. Though the situations were similar the fear Niyleen had of what Nanae would do to her was completely absent. Lucari had saved her life, and as far as Niyleen was concerned, her life would be forfeit if Lucari said but the word.


But the Nord in front of her was not acting her normal self. “Well… are you umm, sure about this? I-I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”


Niyleen nodded her head. “Whatever you want, it is yours.”


Lucari cleared her throat. “Well then… l-lay down on the bed.”
“Alright.” Niyleen did as commanded. “Is this alright?”
Niyleen looked over at Lucari and for a moment could have sworn that she could see her drooling.


“Y-y-yeah… wow…” Lucari stood wide eyes for a moment before disrobing herself and cuddling up with Niyleen. “Okay, I… I know that this may be weird, but I w-want to sleep like this with you. I used to do this with my dog, and I used to sleep like a newborn. B-b-b-b-but I was never naked of course!”


Niyleen laughed. “It’s fine. I said I’d do whatever you wanted.”


Lucari rest her head on Niyleen’s chest and closed her eyes. “You’re the best Niy,” she said drowsily. “Mmmm… your heartbeat is so… soothing…”


“I-is that so?” Niyleen looked down toward Lucari, but she could tell by her light breathing that the girl had already dozed off to sleep. Niyleen stared up at the ceiling and sighed. “Poor girl was all tuckered out.” She tried to get comfortable but Lucari’s body heat and tickling soft breathing was making it quite a chore. (And to think I took my armor off so I could sleep better…) Niyleen closed her eyes and after some time drifted off to sleep herself.
Lucari woke up fresh and reached out to hug her sleeping companion when something felt wrong. “Eh, where did my snuggly Half-Breed go to?”


“Over here,” said an unusually chipper voice.


“Huh,” Lucari said, wiping her eyes.
“Wait, what? What happened to your hair?”


“Eh, I’ll tell you about it later,” Niyleen said with a smile.
“Anyway get up girl and put some clothes on,” Niyleen said teasingly. “You’re not going to become the best hero by staying in bed all day.”


Lucari puffed her cheeks out and sighed. “Yes Niy…” she said exaggeratedly.


“I’ve never liked Niy, someone that did me wrong always called me that,” Niyleen admitted. “Could you call me Niyle. It’s what most of the people that I care about call me.”


Lucari’s eye brighted almost as much so as her eyes and she nodded. “Of course!”


“Alright then, let’s get going then.”



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Awesome story, its like i'm reading a manga xD

Damn though... i was sure Lucari's gonna ask for something naughty.... i know i would :P

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Awesome story, its like i'm reading a manga xD Damn though... i was sure Lucari's gonna ask for something naughty.... i know i would :P

lol, to be fair, that's EXACTLY what I was going for when I wrote this, the whole manga/anime kinda feel XD

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Well, that escalated quickly. I see the Forsworn are really appreciated everywhere. ^^ Anyway, I liked the twists and the psychological aspect of this chapter. It now makes a bit more sense now for Nyleen and Lucari to band together : the heart has its reasons, doesn't it ? ?

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