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Diary of a Dragonborn: Intermission 4

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Where should Mace go next?  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Where should Mace go next?

    • Tentacle Monsters Ahoy!
    • Sky Haven Temple
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Uncivil War: Imperials
    • Season Unending: Stormcloaks
    • Howlbinger

Previous: Chapter 38, Assault on Vampire Central



Well, logically this should have gone after chapter 36, just to keep the intermissions coming at a steady rate (after 9, 18, 27, 36, etc).
But, the story ran long. Now that we're done with Dawnguard, here's yet another poll asking where Mace should go next. I have a few ideas, in no particular order:


1. Tentacle Monsters Ahoy!
-Those damn Miraak cultists have been badgering Mace for a while now, popping up every fourth or fifth fast-travel and attacking. I could see him getting fed up and deciding to put a stop to it.
2. Sky Haven Temple
- He's been putting off the little chore of killing Alduin and saving the world from utter destruction. Maybe he should get on that...
3. Bounty Hunter
- There are a bunch of side quests in poor Mace's journal. It'll probably be a short run, most likely with no more than a couple of sentences per miscellaneous quest, and then I'll pick whatever is the second most popular option here. Longer bits would include stuff like finishing off the Dark Brotherhood, doing the Bard's College, etc.
4. Uncivil War: Imperials
- On the one hand, Mace so far has been more disparaging of Stormcloaks, and he has vowed to see Windhelm burned to the ground.
5. Season Unending: Stormcloaks
- On the other hand, the Imperials did order his execution, and by siding with the Stormcloaks he could see Solitude AND Whiterun destroyed.
6. Howlbinger
- Finish up the Companions: go for the trifecta and become the head of three major factions.


I'm leaving the Dimension Door spell off this one. I think I'd rather finish up in Skyrim before moving on to a different game.
If you have any other suggestions, I'll be happy to entertain them. This will probably be up for a couple of weeks here before I even get started writing on the next chapter.



In the meantime, here are some pics just for fun.


1. I was going to post this as the entirety of Chapter 37, just to be a troll. But I figured that Supercow would probably kick my ass if I tried.


2.These are Mace's two main weapons.
An Ebony Battleaxe with my second favorite enchantment of all time: Chaos. I gotta say, if you want some good DPS, it's worth buying the Dragonborn DLC JUST for that enchantment. It also has my FIRST favorite enchantment of all time: Fire Damage Lingering. Go pick up the Wintermyst mod right now, I beg you!
And a Dawnguard Warhammer. It has Chaos, which is very nice, but this one is primarily a one-shot vampire killer. Pretty good against Dragon Priests and Draugr Death Overlords.
Hopefully I'll be able to put the hammer aside now that we're done with Vampires. For the most part.


3. I've seen other people post screenshots like this, but this was the first time it ever happened to me.
When I saw this, I thought for sure that if that wolf could speak he'd be one of those annoyingly chipper small children. "Hey, whatcha doing? What's that? That looks interesting! Do you have a favorite spoon? I like cats! Is that Daedric armor? I have a pet bug! Did you ever see a brown bunny? I saw a brown bunny once. It was cute!" This is reinforced by his very prominent buck front teeth.
Either that or I forgot to put on my clothes that morning and he's just shocked at what he sees. "Whoa... what are THOSE called? I want some!"
EDIT: That's what he reminds me of - the Curiosity Core from Portal.


4. And a somewhat unfortunate turn of phrase by a spectral prelate. Dude, you keep away from my vessel. I already have someone to fill it, I don't need no ghostly ectoplasm on me.


5. These four pics are from Fallout 3. I took these during the first few minutes of the game, when you're a child. I grabbed a bear from my toybox and just held it out in front of me, not moving at all. The bear proceeded to act like Superman on amphetamenes, zooming endlessly around in a circle at high speed.
This has nothing to do with Skyrim, except to note how much better the physics is. I wish I'd captured video of it... it was actually kind of funny.


Next: CSI: Skyrim


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And I would have kicked your ass... with 4 hoofs at the same time. But you would probably have enjoyed it, cos you're kinky like that...

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So this time I got a lot more people casting votes on where Mace should go. My audience is growing by leaps and bounds!


(16 member(s) have cast votes)

With the following totals:

12  Dragonborn

1    Main Quest

2    Miscellaneous Quests

3    Civil War

1    Companions


The astute mathematician may notice that 12+1+2+3+1 = 19, not 16. Gods know where the three other votes went. My guess is, they were eaten by a grue.


Anyway, off to Solstheim we go!

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I just barely noticed - September 14 (the day of this intermission) is the one-year anniversary of this story. 40 chapters written as of this date (october 3) and we're still not done. I despair... ;)

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