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Introduction to this blog



I've been writing stories ever since I can remember, and here are some (hopefully) useful tips that can help people who are trying to get their head around storytelling. It ranges from the very basics and can reach deep into the tiny little details that involve storytelling, be it written in the shape of a novel, a short film or even quest mods.


-I'll try to add to this blog, but I can't make any promises. If feedback is positive, I'll be more likely to continue this blog.
-Most of the examples I'll be using are for either written word or gaming, since I have experience with those, but if you want some tips on other aspects, I might be able to dig up something useful.
-Some entries may already be floating around the internet somewhere, that's very likely me posting it on a different site in some point in the past.


I hope this is somewhat helpful, and otherwise I hope it's enjoyable to read ;)

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