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The Paradise Predator (Graphic Novel)



The Paradise Predator


( A graphic novel created with the game Wild Life ) 


Part I





This is a story of a lost Paradise , a place where Archeologists found years ago a Tribe,

that until the day they found them add never had any contact with the civilized world,

It was no mystery , the island was protected and it has been found by accident by two renowned 

Marine biologist when their Lab ship was caught in a tremendous storm at see on their way to the seas  around 

Viti Levu in Fiji  ...








The island itself shouldn't be different from any other , but somehow it has a strange ecosystem 

that makes the most unusual plants  and living beings on Hearth, even has some of the rarest Human species 

known to date , The years passed and a lot of controversy on the island kept going for years,

Religious people talked about the island and its evil nature, All cause a supposed photographic Reporter told that 

in a mission to cover an expedition to see if the Island was not in risk of civilization interference or Natural risks

he took a lot of photographic images to  later make an Article in a Scientific Magazine and in one of those photos some kind

of humanoid Creature was caught in one of the photos ,




People laughed, The Reporter  Mitchel Clark  was assigned Police protection , due to violente Protestors and Rally around 

Magazine Office building, but apart from that some part of the scientific community really gave the Image interest and 

decided to protect the Reporter and send a Scientist Biologist to the island and live in the small fishing village along side the island inhabitants...




So far the  crowds that have seen the Photo were of the opinion that the creature was some kind person dressed in a costume,

The Church called it a Sexual Demon, Scientists or part of them believed it was a fraudulent Photo

of someone in a Costume and at least part of this community pointed Mitchel Clark has the fraud creator to some how

make a name or money with it, but the other part of the scientific Community thought a small percentage of people 

believed the photo was no fabrication and the creature had distinct features  that suggests in could be an entire new species 

yet to be discovered  and that people should maintain an open mind cause in fact the island was a secluded ecosystem 

with unique  and special treats !




A small part of the Scientific community that supported a more in depth investigation and study of the island

created a small department that would guide the all research and investigation as well as the

careful protection of any data collected on the island the lead explorer and scientist on the ground was assigned 

Carla Webster and all the necessary arrangements started to get her to the island , There were names , important names 

that stayed behind , Theodore Sunderland , Claus Christophe but those were on the side that didn't

agree or wanted to pursue what they consider to be a farce and a fraude ! 




A new  Small sector in the department was created , since the Church interest in 

the matter grew more aggressive as they pointed the creature in the Photo to be a Succubus and a servant of the demon himself,

Not that the scientists agreed but they decided to have all roads covered  to really dive into the Island they have to be open minded!

Soon the protests went even more intense when from one of the fixed cameras in the island , there was around 50 cameras planted strategically 

in Trees and other places to capture any movement , and Carla Webster gave the information and image right away when

she received it from one of the scanners in the department...



The all department was astonished by the photo and the creature on it , and the questions and doubts began with a slow conversation 

and in a matter of minutes everyone was arguing and talking at the same time,

Carla Webster was quiet looking at them and the Photo,


She couldn't believe how gorgeous and hot that creature or Woman in the photo was,

Carla couldn't avoid trying to measure the size of that huge Cock on her, it was a long time since she had sex

and the size  of that Photo was not even to compare, and that was on flaccid state and her imagination was surprised

even in her mind , The creature or woman , was simply perfect, no flaws in that fit body , the muscles  perfectly 

developed and those  lips  were something more than sexy and juicy, but Her main weapon was the Top , the sherry on 

the top of the cake !


Carla went home, it was agreed among all in the department that she would leave in a week the most , 

new cameras with perfected lenses and movement sensors  would be part of the luggage ...




Carla got awaked with a powerful headache and bathed in sweat , breading fast a deep,

she got to the bedroom window and opened it to get the fresh night breeze, got to the small balcony 

and looked down on the street , almost no one at that hour of the night was on the street ,

Apart from the guy cleaning the streets with the  road sweeper  and the ocasional cat ...




...Again Carla jumped in surprise ...

- What the Fuck ???!!!

Again that Woman from the photo it shows up in her dreams and now apparently when she is awaken as well !

" God , she is so Damn hot !"

"I would love to get drilled by that huge weapon"

" Where are this images coming from damn it ?"

" My imagination got overwhelmed by that body in the photo and now its playing tricks on me ! "

" Hahaha ... Its not bad at all to dream with a fucking machine like that !"

" But sure is damn precise imagination , she looks even hotter in my dreams"

" Am I obsessed ?" 

Carla closed back the window and went back to bed ...

" God, I am sooo sooo sleepy ...hammmm"


The sound of the Road sweeper got low and low and soon she was in deep sleep .




"Oh baby...




" You came back ...




" Yes I am here"




" Oh baby , I  want you so much ...




" I need that cock of yours so much , I need it inside me !"




" This is what you need , I know you want it !?"




" Oh baby you make me suffer , yes I want to feel that inside me !"




" You'll have to come to me, you'll have to come to where I am , and ...




"...After that you will be mine forever, and you will have all this when ever you want !"


" You will be mine forever ...

... Forever and never !"


" And we will always be together...

"... And you will fuck me  and I will fuck you until you fall asleep everyday !



Carla Webster jumped again on the bed completely soaked in sweat ,





End of part 1






Hope you like second episode tomorrow .. 











Edited by Bullfye


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3 hours ago, human72 said:

never heard of the game wild life. ^^; but still good job on the story all the same. 

 More to come today bud , thanks for the comment and nice thoughts... Today will upload here  the second part of the prologue that will develop the plot and story a bit more, also will be the second part of the Prologue  that will help to people who like this story's a bit more to understand how it will go the all story and how I intend to do it ... 


I love doing this kind of graphic novels... hope more people like it and enjoy reading it ..


thanks bud ! 

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The poses are quite nice. A good idea from the developing team to add this feature. Also, the quality of the shots is very nice.

All in all, putting effort into creating good screenshots with their engine is an interesting concept. I know it's off topic, but is my impression correct that developers nowadays implement this feature into their games, or it is just a candy... hm, no idea.

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3 hours ago, Swiftstep said:

The poses are quite nice. A good idea from the developing team to add this feature. Also, the quality of the shots is very nice.

All in all, putting effort into creating good screenshots with their engine is an interesting concept. I know it's off topic, but is my impression correct that developers nowadays implement this feature into their games, or it is just a candy... hm, no idea.

 I think they do that so that people have a choice to test  animations , characters , clothing  lights etc... I like the feature  of this showroom as they called it and the sandbox , the campaign itself is in early stages , but there is some RPG content in the small campaign so far... The game has a lot of potencial specially if you want to create this kind of story  driven novels... I am loving it , animations are pure simply the best I have seen in any Ault game and even comparing the animation system to the Skyrim animations implement its a far better way and animations are to good in fact ..


I loved it  since the first time I tried an early release but this one is almost perfect , maybe some performance issues on the game itself but the rest its a lot of fun..

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