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The Paradise Predator (Graphic Novel) part two



The Paradise Predator (Graphic Novel)


Supernatural Dreams




Part Two


The all Protesting and opinion on the Island subject have deteriorated, discussions on news tv channels were divided and even confusing,

For some the Island was a Biological Sanctuary that should be protected and guarded, others agreed on the protecting of such Natural wonder but disagreed on the

guarding element if it meant sending some sort Military Force there, even the fact of  the News Channels mentioning the Cameras with motion sensors that were

on the Island provoked heated arguments among the public and scientific community , Religious groups emerged from the shadows and from nothing some defending the

Natural protection and others the source of Evil and depravity, on this last part the depravity was based on recent images sent bu the motion sensor cameras, which all showed 

an erotic female creature with satanic wings and horns have sexual intercourse in the most depravad manners and positions,




On this images , from 11 of them just one was made available cause it was saved the others seemed to be weirdly dark,

In the end the Military decided to send a small fleet of 5 ships to protect the island defensive diameter around it so this way to prevent anyone from going in.


Carla Webster was having her afternoon Coffee break in the Lab section of her department




Two of the research biologists were in the secure Camera analyzing some soil and plants from the Island,




And on the Expedition section other 4 were talking and work on the equipment and list of samples that would be needed for me to bring 

from the Island...




As for Carla she was having issues with the thoughts from the last night events at her home,

the mind can play nasty tricks and if there is less sleep the all thing can turn into irrational behavior,

and stress , but she was not feeling tired at all or stressed , what was the main concern on her mind , to know why 

being a normal person she did not show signes of fatigue or stress... 


On the other end it was her job ,  she was supervising the arrival of equipment  and various other logistic matters 

the Sensor monitored cameras were on the unloading area in the arrival station department and she was going there to check them

finally reaching the warehouse she saw the crate  with the Cameras near a small table, got closer to the open crate and there were they 

75 brand new Cameras with the order and tech manuals,




She started reading  some specifics 


" Security Camera Cam Wildlife Video Still Photo Motion Sensor "


She thought ...


Very techy cameras in deed for the task they were needed 

and she started registering the cameras and cataloguing them for the Expedition.

3 hours later she looked at the watch in her left wrist  ...


 -Damn the time passed and didn't even noticed  ... Time to go home !




after taking a quick shower Carla decided to eat something and go right to bed ,




in her mind was the anxiety of dreaming with that amazing creature, somehow 

it looked like she was actually talking to her in those dreams, but the thought of having the opportunity

of being sexually involved with that Creature in her dream, was making her wanting to go to bed 

earlier every day, the perspective and thought of actually  be fucked by that amazing sexual  creature and

her amazing Sexual Piston was on her mind since she saw the creature first photo...

She felt sleepy and tired all of a sudden and in  less then 2 minutes

Carla was deeply sleeping... and Dreaming....




" Carla ..."


" Carla wakeup you sexy thing "


Her voice echoed in my mind that was embedded on the image of that tasty perfect body, that huge cock

shiny with the sweat  and those big sacks behind it full of a milky white cream that Carla wanted to taste badly ...


" I am fucking and thinking of you Carla "...

... " Look how she moans and enjoyes my cock "




" Carla baby, come to me ...

...  this could be you , you alone  will bring me more pleasure than anyone ..."


Carla was completely aroused , the creature talked to her in her sleep , the power  of her sexual desire and 

the intense way that this creature was fucking a native was to sensual and attractive,

the lust in all her moans and movements , the way  she thrusted that huge perfect cock 

the all sexual ambience surrounding and the moans of the woman on each of her thrusts making

her massive cock slowly enter and exit her was  a pure and intense sexual ecstasy  ...


" Look at her Carla... its you in here, I am making her mine and will make you mine like this  as well,...

... Look how she moans , she loves it , haaa, my cock wants to come for you Baby...

...Come to me Carla...Come to me baby ...

...You'll be mine ...Forever ! "




Carla woke up with one huge jump in the bed ...


" God ...  I am in need of this creature..."  she thought

I need to be fucked by this amazing creature ...I want it badly " She said on her thoughts..


" What to do ???!!!"

"Have to talk to the team about this at work ?..."

"...Or keep it to myself "

" They would cancel my trip and all would be ruined , psychologic stress and all would be canceled for her ...

... No I have to go , I need to see this amazing perfect sexual Creature !..."


A cheeky smile draw on her lips..


" No... I have to feel and know this amazing Creature "







End of part Two



Part 3 its on the making ..


Hope you like it ..



Edited by Bullfye


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