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Ephedrina 12 - Getting Ready



"I love you milady."


It's morning and Ephedrina asked for her spanking, to get it out of the way.


Gascayn is, of course, completely full of shit, but it's nice to pretend.




He spanks her still red ass. No matter how she tries not to, Ephedrina can't stiffle her cries completely.


"Remember this," says Gascayn. "One day you might buy out of the deal. But remember this moment, naked and on display, getting you tender little ass smacked. That's what you get if you're bad."


"Yes Gascayn, I'll remember. I promise I won't be bad" she says in a little girl voice. She's not sure whether playing along is part of the deal, but she doesn't really feel like testing it right now.




Ephedrina needs money to buy necessities (a map and compass, permits) and so makes another deal. This time she has a to wear a tawdry diadem. It's not the worst he could've asked her, she supposes.




She takes a bit of a tour of  the better homes in Riften, sneaking about and stealing what she can.



Bersi pretends not to recognize her. It's probably for the best.




The annoying clit-piercing goes off vibrating every so often. It's both annoying and... enjoyable... and distracting. Ephedrina finds she's thinking about sex almost all the time now. She never used to care at all, except as an abstract romantic fantasy.



"My love, please fuck me. I'm really really horny."


Ephedrina is bound by her deals to offer sex once a day, and to pretend she's really in love with Gascayn.


They're doing it right in the middle of the Ragged Flagon. Some people are even betting on it, though she's not sure on the details.


In any case, her orgasm is deep, loud, and satisfying. She despises Gascayn, but the sexual satisfaction is very real and very intense, to Ephedrina's regret (and pleasure).




Ephedrina spends her accumulated money (from thefts and Gascayn) on a new set of permits. Now she should be able to get by the toll guards with her armour and weapons, and without being collared either.


"I was going to make you strip before giving you your license, but I can already see your cunt... so nevermind."






Standing outside the gates of Riften, Ephedrina can feel the cold mist caress her exposed skin. Her next job for the guild is to enter the Goldenglow estate to burn some beehives and clean out a safe. Ephedrina is nervous, but Brynjolf and Gascayn are expecting her to do her best.



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4 hours ago, Lupine00 said:

It's going well. Inspirational for SLAX updates.


That's great to hear :)

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On 6/30/2021 at 8:28 AM, sirtopranger said:

Is there a mod list?


I'll have to figure out (again, because I forgot) how to get the mod list in an easy format from Vortex. Once I do, I'll do a separate post for it. But if there are any particular things you're curious about feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer.

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On 6/30/2021 at 8:28 AM, sirtopranger said:

Is there a mod list?


And now the answer is "yes, there is".


I posted my modlist in an entry here: 


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