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(Progress) Quest for better clam



After making 2 longer videos, I decided I need to upgrade video quality in many aspects to make something actually worthwhile. Thus began weeks long messing with different mods and settings that yielded some results.

Body, it's physics and groin details for close-up looks were easily the first target, and so I abandoned AiO HDT Animated Pussy. After some unfortunate dalliance with BHUNP body and HDT-SMP physics (Imagine penis touching hyperactive jelly. Yeah.) I settled on using COSIO (Clams of Skyrim Project).


And discovered it really didn't work with Baka's ABC schlongs out of the box. Clam is too small, creature dicks too large, settings in Baka's xml's were clearly meant for different body, all in all, it took autistically long time to figure out what's wrong and make everything work well.



But I believe I got decent enough results to make few good videos with COSIO before trying something else. Below is a video comparing previous clam with new one.



Continued next time.


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