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Rotating Text!



Well, I worked out how to make a rotating static.



Now I just need to get the text to glow again, and paste it into the cross nif. And get it to lie flat on the ground. That would be good too.


Still, all in all I feel absurdly pleased with myself.


I might write up how I did it later. Right now, it's half-past-bedtime and I need to catch some zs


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Glad you approve. It's still a bit of a work in progress though.


Still, at least I got the words horizontal.



Next trick  is to get the text orbiting the cuffs to animate too. If I can get that working, I'll be well pleased with myself.


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3 hours ago, SlaveHunter311 said:

Oh neato! that looks really cool!


It's going to get better :D



I thought the first version was a little too subtle on the wording front. I'm not convinced this doesn't go too far in the opposite direction, but it's fun for all that.


I got a rotating word mesh for the right arm cuff, but it doesn't rotate when part of the overall furniture, so I'll need to add it once the cross is activated. (I need a better word than "cross", I think. It gets silly calling it a cross when there's no physical cross present).


I might play into the activation thing. Maybe just have the two rings, dull green and not emitting any light. Then have the whole thing light up in stages when it activates and start the words rotating then.


This would probably make a good trap. I wonder if I can package it as a rune for the Slaver's Spellbook...


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