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Magic Furniture



For Girl In A Jar, I wanted to do something a bit different with the restraints. I mean it's a magical jar, so why does the cross need to be made out of wood? For that matter, why do we need a cross at all?


I'm thinking something like this:




I wanted translucency for some of the elements, but I can never seem to make that work. I'm also hoping to get some particle effects on the bonds, and if I can suss it, to make the words rotate.


I just wish I knew why the glow maps were so uneven. There's four cuff assemblies there, each with the same values in nifskope, but one of them is bright enough to hide the writing entirely while others you might barely notice.


I don't suppose anyone knows about these things?


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19 minutes ago, Storms of Superior said:

Are glowmaps and translucency/transparency even compatible?



Transparency & glowmaps, certainly. The white text around the cuffs there is on a separate mesh to the main green blob and all but the text is transparent. The writing is a bit blurry on account of the glowing, but it's definitely there. Of course, that doesn't mean it's not going to have unexpected side effects like wildly inconsistent glow levels...


As for translucency, damn if I know. There's a mod that makes translucent icicles that I might take a look at

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It's going to be :)


I want the furniture for inside the jars in Girl In A Jar, but you should be able to use them the same way you do the zaz ones.


I resized the words on the cuffs so they're a bit more obvious.




Still haven't worked out how to animate them yet, alas.


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