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  1. Minor update to clarify the usage of how to choose the active voice type and changed default from just Serana's voice to all the decent humanoid xVASynth skyrim voices.
  2. I recently completed a voice pack for Devious Followers Continued and I thought it would be good to move questions about the process and what else it can do to a dedicated thread instead of spamming the Devious Followers Continued support thread. Edit: Well it started as step-by-step instructions, but it evolved into a helper script that automates a good part of the process. I'm going to include both though. The script is skyrimDialogueSynthHelper.sh and it's written in BASH. It uses 2 packages that are probably not included in out-of-the-box installs: ffmpeg and sox. T
  3. Yeah that's fair. Also I did a quick start on an attempt and I noticed that a number of the responses have "New Response.wav" as their wav file. I'm guessing you do some of your dialogue editing in xEdit (I do the same whenever possible, anything to avoid the CK), which doesn't populate the voice file entry like the CK. I did some testing and the only fix appears to be deleting the old responses text entry and adding new ones, which... yeah, not gonna ask you to do that. Right now the only part of the process which requires the CK is the dialogue export process. I think it shoul
  4. I've been considering it! I was afraid that it'd take too long due to the amount of manual effort involved, but I learned a lot doing these that should speed up the process of doing similar stuff in future. Using the silent voice generator lip files in particular speeds things up a lot. Work flow goes something like: 1. Make stub followers (~1 min / voicetype) 2. Export dialogue (~15 min) 3. Edit dialogue to remove non-spoken bits (~15 min) 4. Edit dialogue to tweak pronunciation (~30 min) 5. Run dialogue through xVASynth (~12 hr / 10k lines) 6. Conver
  5. Sorry about that. Didn't realize LL clipped off file names after a certain length. I've edited the link text so it should be easier to tell which file is which.
  6. That is correct. The voice packs also include files for non-follower dialogue too for each voice types. So if you install the MaleGuard pack for example the guard dialogues will be voiced. If you install the MaleCondescending pack then Devious Follower interactions (e.g. being whored out) with NPCs that use that voice (e.g. Nazeem) will be voiced.
  7. Part 3 of the Voice Packs Delphine.7z Serana.7z FemaleCondescending.7z FemaleCommoner.7z FemaleCommander.7z FemaleArgonian.7z MaleDarkElfCynical.7z MaleDarkElfCommoner.7z Frea.7z FemaleDarkElfCommoner.7z
  8. Part 2 of the Voice Packs MaleDarkElf.7z MaleArgonian.7z Karliah.7z FemaleYoungEager.7z FemaleSultry.7z FemaleShrill.7z FemaleOrc.7z FemaleOldKindly.7z FemaleOldGrumpy.7z FemaleNord.7z FemaleKhajiit.7z FemaleEvenToned.7z FemaleElfHaughty.7z FemaleDarkElf.7z FemaleCoward.7z
  9. The voice packs are done! I'll try uploading as many as I can in this post, if I run out of space I'll continue in a second post. Below I've ranked each of the voice packs using xVASynth's own quality rankings: Grade 'A' Voice Packs (Good Quality, Best Model) FemaleCommander FemaleElfHaughty FemaleNord FemaleEvenToned FemaleSultry FemaleYoungEager MaleGuard Serana MaleDarkElf MaleNord MaleNordCommander MaleYoungEager Frea Karliah MaleSlyCynical MaleOrc MaleBrute MaleCommonerAccented MaleCommoner MaleKhajiit FemaleOrc MaleDarkElfCommo
  10. Ran into some complications generating lips automatically for some of the voices. I think CK may actually have been crashing in this case because it leaves a much larger number of dialogue responses without .lip files. I started to try and do it manually and got a pretty quick way to do it, but the CK kept crashing and I did eventually get bored. So I took a closer look at Silent Voice Generator and decided to copy their cheaty method of "generating" lip files using the pregenerated .lip files with integer durations from 1 to 30.. Now I'm running a script to copy a lip file with a
  11. It took an entire weekending of computing time but I finally have all the .wav files generated! I should be able to finish this first voice pack manually, so yeah no worries. It's tedious but I'm the kind of person who finds tedious activities relaxing and I have plenty of downtime at the moment.
  12. I did have CUDA checked and I have a pretty high end card, but I just noticed I didn't have "Fast Mode for Batch" enabled. Things might go a bit faster now. Yeah, I don't think lip sync accuracy is too important, so for this run I should be able to just run that tool you linked. Didn't realize it did that, thanks! Edit: Looks like the Silent Voice Generator tool doesn't have a function for generating .lip files with the same length as existing audio files, it just takes in text and generates blank audio files. It can generate .lip files to go with those silent .wav file
  13. Trying out a new solution for doing this en-mass. I'm skipping Astrid/Valerica because I don't believe they're every a follower or an NPC you're likely to have doing any DF interactions. I could probably remove Maven as well, but there's a better chance of an interaction since she hangs out in a town and sometimes wanders around, plus who knows there's probably a mod which turns her into a follower. Also yes, I will include males as well. This is just as far as I got setting it up before I had to turn in for the night. Edit: Spent some time tweaking pronunciation to fin
  14. Devious Followers - Male Orc Voice Pack.7zHere's the finished Male Orc pack. The slowest part of manual lip file generation is the menus, so generating them for more than one voice type at the same time isn't much slower than generating them for one. I think I'll just generate voices for all the voice types I haven't done yet and do the manual lip file generation all at once. Similar to the orc pack this would voice all the NPCs, not just the followers, so it would be a sort of Full Voice Pack.
  15. @lupine00 Here's a full list of all the responses which don't generate a .lip automatically manualLips.txt
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