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Since my super-fancy signature sends you to this blog when you click the "Stories" link, here are the current stories for your perusal:


A Gathering Storm - Ripped from earth and dragged to a crazy land filled with homicidal maniacs, dragons, slavers, and a certain REALLY annoying Daedra, Sian Elizabeth Fraser is forced to accept her role as the linchpin of her age, when all she wanted was to become a pharmacist.


Destiny's Bright Edge - Aithne is a sailor on an Imperial warship transporting prisoners when it hits an iceberg and capsizes, leaving only Aithne and one of the prisoners - a fearsome orc known as Borkul the Beast - as survivors. Things go downhill quickly from there.


In Shadow's Wake - Sloan has, at long last, aged out of the Honorhall Orphanage and no longer must toil under the cruel Grelod the Kind. The bad news is that she has nowhere else to go. Penniless and homeless, she finds herself in desperate straits...and also in the foyer of the Vixen, Riften's most upscale brothel. 


Dispossessed - Trendil is on the verge of a happy life - newly married to her childhood sweetheart with whom she was about to start a lucrative business. Then, disaster - her love is killed by a group of Imperial soldiers, leaving Trendil alone...and bent on revenge.


Making of a Mod: Simple Slavery - By popular* request, this is the story of the origins of one of LoversLab's (and, dare I say, Skyrim's) most important, groundbreaking, life-changing... *checks notes* ...oh, wait, that's something else. This is just the story of how Simple Slavery came to be and how it got to where it is. Well, not now because two other people have held the keys since I last had it. So this is the story of how Simple Slavery came to be and how it got to where it was on May 17th, 2018. Except it was before that because I had really stopped working on it before I posted the semi-retirement statement. But somewhere around that time.


* by "popular," I, of course, mean one person asked for it

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