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Flora de Castilles ~ Chapter 3 ~ Unexpected Hospitality Part 2



Camilla tried to get up.
"What are you going to do?" she said.
Her voice was shaky, almost a whisper.





"For starters, you're going to lick this. It needs to be well lubricated for the next steps."
"No, I…" Flora slapped her again but twice.
"Did I ask you for your opinion? From now on you will call me 'Mistress' when you speak to me! Do you understand?"
Camilla, her cheeks burning with shame and pain, was exhausted, her eyes wet with tears.




"Y-yes ..."
A violent slap with the back of the hand hit her full in the face before she could figure out anything. She fell backwards and burst into tears.




"What did I just say? Yes, who ...?"
"Yes ... Mistress ..." squealed poor Camilla who had probably never expected to be treated like this.
"That's better. Come on, that dildo isn't going to suck itself on its own."
Camilla took the object in hand and stuck her tongue out to lick the end of the phallus before slowly closing her mouth over it.










Flora was terribly excited to see her so submissive.
"That's fine, go on. Run your tongue all over to moisten it well." Flora said while stroking her dark hair.




Camilla, afraid of being punished again, did the best she could.
"The end of the dildo is well moistened, but it needs to be lubricated the entire length, right?"
Pleading eyes looked at Flora who was smiling.

Without warning, Flora grabbed his head and thrust the leather and metal penis into Camilla's windpipe, who was not expecting it.
She struggled to get rid of Flora's embrace but she was too strong.

Seeing that she was trying to escape her, Flora used her second hand, in order to hold the head of her victim while going back and forth in her  tight throat.




Camilla was emitting bororygmas with each blow hitting the back of her throat, burning tears running down her cheeks.





It was not enough to Flora's taste, who decided to give her the final blow. So she gave a last powerful thrust, pushing the entire length of the sex toy deep in Camilla's throat.

Holding her head firmly, Camilla could not fight. The seconds passed and her face grew more and more red as she couldn't breathe.
She was starting to lose consciousness and her eyes rolled back.

Flora felt that this was enough and she withdrew, clearing the congested throat of the girl who started to cough, barely managing to catch her breath.
Thick streaks of saliva connected her lips to the strap-on or hung down her chin, as tears had ruined her makeup.

Grabbing her by the hair again, Flora said:







"Did I say it was over?"
"N-no Mistress ..."




Now totally submissive to her, Camilla obediently took the phallus back in her mouth and Flora plunged again into her throat while moving back and forth.
Camilla coughed in spurts, drool spilling onto her clothes and onto the floor.
After a while, Flora stopped, relieving Camilla's sore jaw and throat.

"That's enough! Now take off your clothes!"
"Yes Mistress" replied Camilla.






Once naked, Flora ordered her: "Get on all fours on the table."
"Alright ... mistress."
Naked, humiliated, lying on the table, Camilla was now offered to her. Flora climbed onto the table in turn and stood behind her.




"Oh, my! You were hiding your game well, your pussy is soaked."
"N-no that's not true! M-Mistress ..."

"You can lie to me but your body can't." Flora said amusedly, spanking her.
"Who would have thought that the so-called dominatrix wanted in fact to be dominated?"




Camilla was about to respond when she felt the object enter her.
Her love juice and her saliva with the dildo was covered greatly helped to find its way into her.
She made a small sound and her toes twitched as the glans touched her uterus entrance.




Flora still excited, moved inside her, the strap of the dildo stimulating her clitoris with each stroke.




Slowly at first, Flora would soon pick up the movement, tapping deeper and deeper inside Camilla who began to moan softly with each blow she received.
"What are those little moans? Are you so happy to be treated like a bitch?"
Camilla's fear had turned into pleasure, but she didn't want to confess how she felt to be submissive and humiliated in this way.
"Have you lost your tongue? Where is the arrogance you were showing earlier?"

Flora then stopped her movement suddenly then pulled Camilla by the hair.




While holding her, she picked up where she was and increased the pace even further, putting all her energy into it with each thrust,
while Camilla's gasps and squeaks also increased in intensity.




Camilla was almost lying on the table, her rump raised and offered to Flora, who worked her mercilessly.
Soon she was no longer able to contain herself and let her orgasm explode, exhaling with pleasure.

"Didn't you just cum just now? Be honest with yourself."
"Don't you want to answer? In that case let's pick up the pace again!"

No sooner said than done. The dildo entered again inside Camilla, whose legs were still shaking.
Flora was sweating now, giving everything she had to make her abdicate.

Camilla no longer knew where she was, losing her footing a little more every second in the face of the pleasure that overwhelmed her.
She tried somehow to put her hands on her mouth to cover the obscene sounds that came out of it, but in vain.




Tightening her grip on her, Flora pulled her head back a little more while not sparing her rear end which was undergoing repeated assaults.
Her victim saw her resistance diminished, unable to fight against the delight invading her body more and more each seconds.
The other could see that she was ready for the final blow and spanked her bluntly.

The ensuing wave of pleasure ran through the body of Camilla who was about to come, no longer holding back her chirps of pleasure.
Flora continued to spank her, knowing the effect it was having on her.




"You like it, don't you?" Come on, admit it! "
Camilla started to cry again, with pleasure this time.
Her partner was soon on the verge of orgasm too, but she intended to crack her first.

"So admit it! I won't stop until I hear you say it!" Flora whispered in his ear.
Camilla didn't know anything anymore. The spankings, the synthetic phallus that swept her relentlessly, this total submission, and now Flora's hot breath in the hollow of her ear ...

"SAY IT! Flora yelled.
"I-I Like it" Camilla said in a quavering voice.
"Did you forget how to address me?" Flora said, giving her an even harder slap on her ass.
"I-I like that ... M-Mistress F-Flora ..."
"I-I LOVE THE WAY YOU FUCK ME, MISTRESS!" Camilla yelled as the last slap made her come, taking her in a whirlwind of pleasure, bordering on unconsciousness.

Flora also reached her limits and her crushing victory of domination over Camilla made her cum too.
Slowly regaining control, Flora then heard a noise on the ground floor, the door had just closed.
Stretched out on the table, her rump up, Camilla was exhausted.
Flora positioned her on her back.

"I think you deserved a little reward while waiting for the next step!"

In any case, it was impossible that whoever was going up, could not have heard the noise that Camilla had made just before. She was sure we must have heard her screaming all over Riverwood.
Finally, she saw the face of Lucan, who took some time to understand the situation.




He looked at the woman standing on top of his sister, the strap-on dildo he had bought around her hips.
She realized that she was totally naked, but oddly it amused her and while remaining vigilant, decided to resume her game.

She smiled broadly at Lucan, to show him that she knew he was there.




"So where were we? Ah that's it! I was going to give you a little reward."
Camilla, who hadn't heard anything and didn't know her brother was right behind replied: "Thank You ... Mistress."
"Alright, that's what I wanted to hear."

Flora lifted her legs and spread her thighs. The submissive's crotch was soaked.
She began by tickling her clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Camilla bit her lower lip.

"Do you like having your pussy eaten?"
"It's delicious Mistress!" Camilla replied with delight.

Flora glanced at Lucan who was livid. She had initially thought that he would pounce on her to free her sister, but he remained there without moving while observing.
Pleased with her, she began to graze on Camilla's pussy, her saliva mingling with the girl's vaginal fluids.






Flora licked Camilla the best she could, to the rhythm of the little moans the girl was making.
Her tongue passing over her clitoris, her lips or even plunging into her.








Sucking on her partner's private parts, Flora looked again in the direction of Lucan who had finished climbing the steps.
He was now removing his clothes, exposing his erect penis.
While continuing her tongue movements she watched him do it, until he took his penis in hand to masturbate slowly.




Expecting anything but that, she almost burst out laughing, but restrained herself, not to alert Camilla.
She now had another plan in mind.

"Enough! Get down there now!" Flora said pointing to the other end of the table.
"Yes Mistress!" Camilla replied reluctantly, frustrated that she cut off this feeling of pleasure.
In this position she couldn't see Lucan and that's what Flora wanted.

The latter grabs her with one hand by the throat. "So you want me to make you cum now?"
"Yes mistress!" managed to articulate Camilla, her throat aching.
"You're going to beg me, come on! Beg for me to make you cum!"

It was a pure pleasure for Flora to have the ascendancy over her. Besides knowing that she didn't know that her brother was masturbating behind, turned her on even more.
"M-mistress, I beg you, make me cum, I can't take it anymore!" Camilla squealed, her windpipe crushed.

Satisfied, Flora released her fingers to allow her to breathe normally.






She slowly entered her vagina. The girl gave a long sigh of satisfaction.




Making small pelvic movements, the dildo went deeper and deeper into her.
With one hand on her throat and one of her arms locked against the table, Camilla could do nothing but endure Flora's slow assaults, but she no longer complained about it.

Docile, only moans of pleasure came out of his throat. She had totally accepted her submissive position.




"I bet you love it, don't you?"
"O-of course, Mistress!"
"In that case, I'll pick up the pace. What do you say?"
"Please Mistress, go ahead!"










Flora looked discreetly at Lucan, who was still masturbating behind them.




"Who would have thought that Lucan, looking good in every way, was actually an incestuous pervert, jerking off on his submissive sister?" Flora thought, smiling.
Then she resumed pounding Camilla faster.




The servile Camilla, emitted short groans of pleasure, while she was getting her vagina swept.
A crazy new idea sprang up in Flora's mind.
She stopped moving, to see the girl's reaction. The woman opened her mouth but no sound came out, she waited for the next pelvis movement like a Pavlov's dog.

"Do you want more? Do you want me to continue?"
"Yes Mistress, please!"
"So you're going to have to be very convincing!"

"I will do whatever you want, Mistress!" replied Camilla, whose desire for pleasure had become impossible to bear.
By humiliating her in this way, Flora wanted to excite Lucan even more.
"Anything, you say? So tell me how much of a little slut you are who has no other desire than to get fucked by her Mistress ..."
"I-I am Mistress, I am a little whore, who waits for nothing but you to fuck her over and over again, Mistress ..."
"Is that all you have to say to your Mistress who took such good care of you? I think you deserve that I stop here."
"Please, Mistress, don't stop. Fuck your little whore until she can't take it any more. I beg you ..."
"You are my personal whore, do you hear? I will fuck you when I want and where I want."
"Yes Mistress, do what you want with me!"

"Did you say you wanted me to fuck you until you couldn't take it anymore?"
"That's what I want Mistress! Use me as you wish, abuse me if you feel like it!"
"Alright, I'll spare you that whim this time." said Flora in a harsh voice, resuming her work.
"Thank you Mistress, thank you!"

With both hands around Camilla's neck to consolidate her position, Flora rocked back and forth, reaching in this position, the deepest part of her vagina each time.










The frenzy of her new Mistress drove Camilla mad, her vision was clouded with a white veil.






Flora decided to finish it as soon as possible and make her come.




With all her ardor, Flora redoubled her intensity. Camilla no longer moaned but panted, only managing to catch her breath at times, the other not giving her any respite.

The violent, incessant blows do not take long to make her come, harder than ever before, making her almost lose consciousness in shock.
Flora withdrew her hands from her neck and the girl stood motionless, staring into space.

Flora pulled back, her strap-on dildo smeared with vaginal fluid.
It was then that she noticed that Lucan had approached.





He was now next to his sister, his cock erect.




"I think someone has a little surprise for you too" Flora said to Camilla.

She slowly turned her head and at the sight of Lucan, uttered a cry.
"What ... L-Lucan? W-What are you doing here?"
The sight of his erect penis troubled her.

"I realized I forgot my sales regulation papers. So I came back. And what do I find? My little sister getting fucked in my absence."
"T-that's not what you think!" Camilla tried to defend herself.

"What am I to believe? Of course I heard you cum like a whore, and you were asking for more! What nerve!
I bet everyone heard you bawl.” Lucan roared.

Flora eyed Lucan's testicles which looked huge.
"He must have been restraining himself for a while. There must be an easy way out." she thought.
"As soon as you left she begged me to humiliate her and treat her like a bitch, it was heartbreaking."
"It's wrong! Absolutely w-!"
"Shut your mouth! I personally heard you squeal like a sow, how can you still deny it."




"Don't you think my dear Lucan, that your sister has magnificent lips?"
"I can't deny it." he commented, an obscene glint in his eyes.

"Her lustful mouth surrounding your cock. What do you think of that?" she resumed knowing that she wouldn't have to put in much effort to see him crack.
"Wait, I'm your sister, you can't do this to me!" Camilla whines.
"Isn't she cute, you'll be dying to feel the velvet of her mouth, I'm sure!" adds the mischievous Flora.
"You've been making me horny for a long time I must say, sister ... I don't think the opportunity will present itself twice."

He climbed onto the table and grabbed her by the hair. Camilla was dumbfounded.
Flora joined them in turn.

"Lucan, watch how your sister salivates just at the sight of your erect penis." she exclaimed.
She could see in his eyes that he wouldn't back out now.
"That's gro-" Camilla began. But Flora smarter than she waited for her to open her mouth to grab her by her hair and push his cock down her throat.




"How dare you? Speaking like that to your Mistress!" taunted Flora.
Lucan looked delighted, closing his eyes and enjoying the comfort of his sister's mouth and throat.




She pulled Camilla back, who gasped.

"Don't tell me you've already forgotten how to address me?"
"I-I am so sorry, Mistress, please forgive me ..." she managed to say.
"Alright, now suck him off, and especially apply yourself well."
"Yes Mistress." Camilla said before Flora gave her brother's cock in her mouth.

Addressing Lucan: "As you can see, I trained her well in a very short period of time."
"To think I dreamed about it for so long." said the merchant.
"If you don't mind taking over, I'd love to take care of her crotch."
"Of course, please do, after all you don't deprive yourself before I arrive." he replied with a half smile.

With these words he thrust his cock into Camilla's mouth to the hilt, making her half choke.
"Aaah, your throat and your mouth are so sweet, my dear Camilla. What ecstasy!"

Flora did not hesitate to reinsert her substitution phallus once again into Camilla's wet hole, which was still suffocating.
A "MmmmmMmm" of pleasure came from Camilla's blocked mouth.




He pulled his cock out of the mouth of his sister who coughed, a long trickle of drool hanging from her chin.






When she finally managed to breathe more or less normally, he reintroduced it by starting to move the pelvis.








Camilla's throat made noises every time Lucan reached the bottom of it and Flora found it very exciting.





Lucan's hips moved on their own, his cock swelling more and more. Reached his limit, he grabbed Camilla's head and his ejaculation exploded in her throat, during that Flora was still working her from behind.

Camilla's eyes rolled back as Lucan ejaculated without being able to stop, powerful spurts of cum lining the walls of Camilla's throat,
forcing her to swallow the semen.

More than satisfied, he withdrew his cock, covered in saliva, cum and thick threads of drool still connected to his sister's mouth.
Camilla no longer knew where she was, her head was spinning and she even had semen which had come up through her nose and which was flowing through her nostrils.

Her face was on fire, and now covered in cum.
"I always knew deep down that you were a slut. To think I waited all this time, if only I had known."

Flora saw Camilla's panties still hanging from one of her legs.
She took it off and put it on his head as a head covering.




"Don't you think it suits her very well my dear Lucan?"

He didn't answer, still looking at his sister's body.
She understood immediately, what he was thinking.

"How about testing her little pussy now? She's very tight I can assure you." Flora added with a flirtatious smile while spreading Camilla's vulva with her fingers.
Lucan who had started to become limp again, immediately regained an unsuspected vigor. Flora had no doubts, she had seen it right.




"Alvor is still waiting for me on the road… I can't…" he said, but his gaze and his erect cock said the opposite.

Like a little demon, she knew she would only have to say the right words for him to listen to her.
She slipped two fingers into Camilla's pussy, masturbating her gently. Her fingers twirling and her vaginal fluids produced damp noises that did not escape Lucan's ears.

So Flora took them out and showed them to the merchant.
"Look, she's just waiting for you to take her." she said, licking her fingers to turn him on.

There was only lust in Lucan's eyes now.
"Alvor, The Jarl, and the Seven can go to Oblivion!" Lucan finally belched.

Flora was delighted. She picked up Camilla who was still in her world, her eyes staring into space.
"Take care of your brother while I prepare the ground for him."
"Anything you want, Mistress." the girl replied absently.
While she masturbated Lucan, Flora took the opportunity to penetrate her again.










"You're soaking wet and hot inside, and you're so tight Camilla, it's amazing!"
"Don't say that, L-Lucan," the latter gasped.
Flora who was standing behind her did not miss a beat.

"Don't have fun on your own. I want to participate, too." Flora said gently.
"W-wait Mistress, two at the same time I-I will not-"
"Don't worry, there is another hole that needs attention too."

"Mistress no, I beg you! It will never fit!" Camilla moaned.

Flora's dildo was already fully against her anus, pushing to force its way into her.
Lucan didn't say a word, savoring his sister's silky vagina.




"Mistress, please, anything but that!"

Flora spat on the dildo to lubricate it and spread Camilla's buttocks to insert her dummy penis.
Camilla's mouth described a perfect O as her rectum was taken by force, the glans of the dildo entering her.
Seconds later, a good portion of the dildo had entered, forcibly pushing aside the walls of her rectum.




Breathless, Camilla no longer retaliated.
"Now I'm going to move!"

"No, please don't move, Mistress!" Camilla squeaked.
But Flora was probably not going to listen to her ...
She started to move back and forth, gently, tenderly so that the sensation was the least painful for her.
Lucan sighed with pleasure.

"Sister, your pussy got tight when she started to move, I can't believe you like it."






"She's a bitch, no wonder she likes it. Right, Camilla? Tell your brother how much you love it." Flora added.
She picked up the pace, the dildo sliding more easily now.

"I am ..., Lucan."

"Louder, we heard nothing!" Flora ordered her.
Camilla moaned louder, both sexes moving inside her like pistons.










"Lucan ... I'm a bitch, a horny bitch! Please don't stop fucking me! You too Mistress, please, it's so good!"

"See? Lucan, I didn't lie to you." Flora said more and more excited by the situation she had created.

She could see the fire of excitement burning in the man's eyes. He began to speed up his movements, as if he was unleashed.




"Yes, harder Mistress, you too Lucan. Fuck me up, I deserve it!"






Put this woman in this humiliating position, Control her every action. It was so exciting for Flora that she felt that it would not be long before she came.
She redoubled her assault on Camilla's rectum, giving rise to a series of little cries of pleasure from her.
For his part, Lucan, panting, pounded his orifice relentlessly.

Flora couldn't hold back and a spray of hot liquid exploded through her urethra, flooding the table under her as she thrust the dildo deep inside Camilla.
The latter already stimulated by the comings and goings and the friction of the sexes in her, had the biggest orgasm she had ever had, an expression of intense pleasure on her face.

Her pussy and anus tightened forcefully, and she collapsed with all her weight on Lucan, who, the swollen penis, in turn exploded inside her, spilling his hot sperm into her uterus.






The pleasure gradually dissipating, Flora withdrew the dildo inserted deep into Camilla's anus, leaving the gaping hole, which he had adopted the form.
Lucan's sister was lying unconscious in her brother's arms. His crotch was soiled, a mixture of cum, saliva, love juice and female ejaculation.

Lucan freed himself in turn, withdrawing his cock from his sister, a flood of thick semen flowing through her vagina on her legs and on the table.
He placed the woman delicately on the fluid-covered table.








In the air floated a smell of sex and semen as Camilla lay on the table, still unconscious, an expression of intense happiness on her face.
Seeing this, Flora thought it was without a doubt the dirtiest fuck she had ever participated in.

Flora removed the strap-on and picked up her clothes to put them back on. She picked up her Tantô and headed for the stairs.
"I'm leaving, it's getting late and I've got plenty of road." she said to Lucan.

"Thanks again for dinner, and the rest. I had a lot of fun tonight."
The latter, his penis now soft, did not know what to answer except: "You're welcome, have a good journey ...".
"It was ... a good experience ..." she concluded before descending the wooden steps.

Flora tied her newly acquired katana. Then fitted her backpack. She was about to leave when Lucan joined her.
"Mrs De Castilles, please wait!" he said as he walked over to her.

A quick glance at his penis straight again as a pole, and Flora replied:
"You can call me Flora, I think we're pretty intimate now. But if you want to fuck me, you definitely won't."

The merchant laughed.
"Mrs. De… I mean Flora. It's absolutely not that. I wanted to return your money, consider this a favor from me."




"You don't have to, I always pay what I owe."
"Listen, you gave me a gift tonight that's worth a lot more than any sale. Please don't insult me by refusing."

"Alright, then I accept." she said, picking up the purse that was still on the counter.
"Thank you, you will always be welcome here. Please come back and visit us!" the man concludes.
"I'm going now, bye."

"Ah yes, one last thing. Take it easy with Camilla." she said to him with a smile full of mischief.
"Yes… of course…" Lucan replied, wondering how she had read his mind.

She then left the stall, the cold of the night caressing her still burning skin.
"Poor Camilla, I think it's not tonight that you are going to be able to rest." Flora said to herself.
She also thought of the so-called 'Alvor', he too would have to be patient for quite a while.
She would have liked to linger in the cool night, but it was late and she was far from making it home.








Recommended Comments

What do you think about the text centering? I think it's more readable that way.


I also try to separate the text into paragraphs to make it more pleasant to read.


Finally what do you think about the colors? Each character speaks with his own color so you can easily follow the dialogues and know who is speaking.

Ps : i keep the purple color for the narration.

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That's a lot of sex in one entry and with videos :O.

Great work!

Maybe... the tears could be improved a bit, I think there is a slavetats tear download here on loverslab, maybe give it a try. 

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12 hours ago, Alter Native said:

That's a lot of sex in one entry and with videos :O.

Great work!

Maybe... the tears could be improved a bit, I think there is a slavetats tear download here on loverslab, maybe give it a try. 

Thank you! That's why i split the chapter into 2 parts and i had to remove a lot of content ?.


I only seen the pixelated tears now that you pointed it out! I used the tears from T&W slavetats from the APropos mod and the leaked makeup from the makeup slavetats pack. ?

A shame i did not see it before. The issue isn't the texture but the size of the faces compared to the size of the tats.


I use Bijin Wives so Camilla has a 2048*2048 texture for the head.

I checked T&W are 1024*1024 so they don't show too bad on her.

I checked makeup tears cheek too but i can't open the dds (i guess they are protected). By the file size i can say that they should be 512*512 so that's why they appear that way. ?


I'll keep that in mind for the next time i use such textures. Maybe i'll try to do some tears effect with gimp or try to find a mod using Racemenu. ?

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15 hours ago, Baz1963 said:

Deliciously scripted and illustrated. Thank you.


I would love to know what you use to get those graphics XD

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I use CBBE with COSIO body and Demoniac + Bijin All in one and Cosio patch for Bijin.

Moreover i used custom textures for camilla to fix the vagina.

Then ENB + some mods to add light like Facelight :wink:.

I had to do some modifications on the ENB files but i changed it for the next set i'm working on ?.

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