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Sandra Chapter 2: Possibilities



The next morning my thoughts were clearer.

I decided to call my mom after breakfast and ask her to stop sending me money.

Afterwards I wanted to think about where to get money from in future.

I could still have afforded the next rent, but then my financial reserves would have been exhausted.


For breakfast I had some oatmeal.







Then I sit down to call my mom.



Hey mom, how are you?”

Hi honey. It's a wonderful, warm and sunny morning. It seems like Winter finally is over. Dad just left for work. He has an important meeting with some investors this morning.”

Yeah, mom, I need to talk about something with you.”

What's up, honey?”

Listen, I thought about something. You know why I left, right?”

Yes, you had your disputes with dad about his company.”

Right... So... hmpf, I am very thankful for the money you send me, but I cannot take it any longer.”

What? Why, honey, what's wrong?”

I know where this money comes from and I can no longer reconcile this with my conscience.”

But, honey, what will you do? Were will you get money from?”

Don't know yet, I'll figure something out.”


Please mom... please try to understand my position. I don't want this money anymore. I have to start earning my own money anyway sooner or later. Now it's sooner, I can manage this.”

Ok, honey, but please call me if you need any help. I don't want you to get any troubles.”

Sure, thanks for understanding, mom. Have a nice day, call you soon again. Bye.”

Bye, honey.”



Whew, that went better than expected.


Ok, let's see now what job offers are out there.


So, I went upstairs again to my PC and searched the web.




Hm, many office jobs. I don't want to sit in an office the whole day...

Uh, what's that...

You have long, beautiful hair and want to make some money with it? Join our photo shooting for shampoo and women body care products.”

No, I don't think so.

Uh, look there, cute, little cats...



What's that banner? AdultWorld.com... Should I click on it?

I am so excited...



Hm, it seems this has a live chat option.

Ok, now I am curious, Create Channel, click...


Some moments later...


Wow, this guys are giving me money for just seeing me sitting here in underwear.

Are they crazy?



Ok, I am hungry, bye, guys...


That was an interesting experience. How much money would I make showing them something? No, I don't think that's my way, but I'll keep this in mind...


Ok, I need some fresh air. Just a little business, then I'll go outside to have lunch.




On my way outside I met... Martha! She was just taking the garbage out.



Oh, hi Sandra, what's up?”

Hi Martha. I am on my way down to this little food stands to have lunch. Wanna join?”

Oh, unfortunately, we had lunch already. But I'll go to this Karaoke club nearby this evening. Carra has work to do until late evening, so I leave her alone and will make me a nice evening. Wanna come?”




Ok, I'll pick you up then.”

Perfect, see you.”


I cannot believe it, an evening alone with Martha! Does she just want to know a neighbor better or has she also other thoughts?

What should I wear?

What's up between Carra and her?

A Karaoke club... Should I sing something?


Hello, what can I do for you? We just received a delivery of fresh Sushi.”



Oh, hi...”

If she wouldn't have said anything, I would have bumped into her shop.

Can I have some Ramen, please?”



Some moments later...









Mmmhmm, tasty...

I should forget about tonight for a moment and think about work again.

I used to love painting, but I don't think that there will be much interest in paintings of a nobody...

Maybe there are some galleries or museums out there that need a hand. Maybe I can show them some of my paintings later and catch their interest...




After finishing this tasty Ramen, a woman got my attention.

She just finished to set up a tiny stage nearby and began to start playing guitar.



Hm, could that be something for me? I like singing, but cannot play an instrument. Maybe I should practice some singing back home on my Karaoke machine. That'll also help me tonight maybe...


Since she played quite well, I gave her some bucks.



Back home...






It's getting late. Time to prepare for tonight.


To be continued in next chapter.


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As colored and graphically cared than the first Becci chapters, even though the Sim's default expressions are somewhat overdone sometimes. The writing style is still quite pleasant and aerated overall (though her mother rather speaks like a friend than like a middle age woman), and so between that, the images, and the global flow of events it's a quite pleasant read. Liked how you intertwined some moments or her daily life and her thoughts, making her more human, and the reader more likely to empathize with her. Nice chapter ! :smiley:


Malicia : « Her food looks very good, uh. I'm gonna order some. 


                Also I'm gonna check for that shampoo job, yes. :classic_ph34r: »

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9 hours ago, Tirloque said:

As colored and graphically cared than the first Becci chapters, even though the Sim's default expressions are somewhat overdone sometimes.


Yeah, I try my best with the exaggerated emotions of Sims 4. ?

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