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Ten Minutes Later...



Not ten minutes after I finish the last entry, I'm off to the Shamrock Taphouse to meet up with a gang of Disciples for a Goods Defence mission. Guess what I find?




Nisha sent me to tussle with the Brotherhood! She should have said that up front - I'd have given her a break on the price :)


So that's two Knight-Captains


image.png  image.png


Two Knights


image.png  image.png



One Scavver (the Shamrock Taphouse wasn't as cleared as I thought it was, apparently)




And one Paladin, who s going to be sold in Goodneighbour just as soon as I finish processing his comrades-in-arms.




(Hey, it was dark and I couldn't see his face properly.)


Oh well, looks like I'll need that top tier after all!




So I was thinking: "maybe I'll do one more shot with the girls stripped down for comparison, and leave it there. Then I get called away to defend Starlight Drive-In. From Raiders.


Between the girls defending the settlement and the turret arrays I built last time, there I didn't get a chance to save much, but I did get this rather annoyed looking specimen.




So, anyway:




Can you believe they're still giving me that "Out of my way, Wastelander" shit? They seem a little confused as to the power balance here.


So, at the end of the day we have two Knight Captains:


image.png    image.png


Two Knights:


image.png   image.png


Two Bandits (one Scavver)


image.png  image.png


"... and a Parrtidge in a Peeaaarrr Tree".




Who is still being sold tomorrow.


Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have business to attend to :)


{entry follows on from this one:



... in case anyone was confused).




Got there eventually.




I think I might have to go beat up some nukalurks now, just for the change of pace.




Change of pace? Yeah, up-tempo!  Ever wonder what the a full haul from Libertalia looks like?





That's basically all the crosses I set up for the BoS




Plus another seven:





This is going to take forever.


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Well, we had a discussion about Just Business, and whether the "change her appearance" option changed all the actors with that base. So I changed one so that there'd be no mistaking it if she cropped up again.


So far I've caught three of them in about 150 slaves, so that's not a bad ratio.

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