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Sonja The Prologue



How did it started ?

Why me ?



Maybe it is a blessing...Or maybe its a curse...

Nevertheless my thoughts on this doesn't matter

it's in me, it burns along side my Lust for pleasure and life,

and it comes out when it needs to feed on that lust...

I have little to do but let it come out when it wants...

And the truth is...


That I like it !

The fear on their initial moments...

And the change for pleasure on their faces after that fear...

Some even beg for more, until their last second of life ...

Then I realised I could spare some from certain death...






I still remember how it all started...

I was a warrior but, so naive on this things,

And when it came and possessed my soul and body,

I was so scared and frightened,

Stayed inside a bear cave for a month,

Afraid that I could just turn into this in the middle of a tavern or town..

But when it happened in a friends house, 

I found out she loved it and like the others wanted more...and more of my 

body and skills...

She is so Beautiful , and for a long time I wanted her without any Tabus or Barriers...

She was shocked when I told her...





Me - I wanted to tell you something important to me ...

Uthgerd -  Well , we have no secrets do we Sonja ??




Me - No we don't but this is difficult to say and explain !

Uthgerd - Again baby , we have no secrets , and what could be so difficult to say to me sweety ?

Me - it's scary !

Uthgerd - What ???...Scary ?...What are you talking about , I am not one of get scared with most things baby , so say it !

Me - ok.. here it goes for better or for  bad...

Uthgerd - Oh come on don't make a drama of things... Are you sleeping with  the Wife of some big Name here in town or something ???

Me - No.. No... Not that.. ......

I am a Succubi !...( WOW I just told her )




Uthgerd - A what ??

Me - come lets seat by the fire ..I need to relax...and you to calm down...




Uthgerd - Succubi ?... And what in hell is that some kind of demon ???...Possession ??

Me - It's a curse yes and a demon yes , But can be bad and good ...

Uthgerd - No demons are good baby, and a curse we will find a fix for that...

Me - No.. NO.. You don't get the point ...Its  demon that kills with sex and also can just have sex  without killing..




Uthgerd -  Stop mocking me Sonja !...Explain that ..hahahaha

Me - It's a curse that gets me Aroused to the limit and above , it changes my Body and gives me magical powers ,

also increases my physical condition, strength , Stamina, Endurance, And above all Sex Power,

changes my eyes , gives me Wings, Hornes , and the most important part, 

Changes my Genitals to a bigger size the what I have...




Uthgerd - No...What ??.. I don't believe that, Show me !

Me - Ok .. will show you just my eyes for now ...Don't want to scare you ..

As I understand I am a Sexual Succubi, all it bases on is on sexual feed , I mean it feeds on my sexual partners lust and pleasure,

It also increases you Arousal and libido, it feeds if I want , but when it does feeds on you pleasure and orgasms, It can kill if I want , and not if I do not desire to kill..

Feeding makes me a stronger Succubi and it evolves into a more powerful one..




Uthgerd - WOW.....Are .. those .. Glowing demon eyes ???




Me - Yes and another Power that you do not see...




Uthgerd - That would be the Bigger Hammer ???...Also those eyes enhance your attractiveness and cause me wild sexual brain waves.. 

Me  - Yes all that and more...

Uthgerd - More ???.. And were are those wings and horns ??...I mean if you are showing me show me the all package..!

Me - I forgot how strong you are in both mind and soul baby !

Uthgerd - Its you, its not anyone I do not love...

Me - For now I will not transform in front of you baby ok???

Uthgerd - Right ... better not risk a Sex rampage  !...




Me - That we can try if you want !!??

The sex is a trillion times more intense with this Possession..




Uthgerd - Don't need to tell me twice baby....Give me that Big boy of yours...!

Come here..WOW...That is Hugeeee... 















Me - ( God she jumped on me like possessed )




Uthgerd - Oh Baby its huge...even bigger than your normal size ... I love it ...


Can feel it growing inside me , pulsing, feeling every inch of me..Forcing my belly out...


You are almost exploding your seed...


Me - Yeesss.. there it goes ....reeaady ...?




Uthgerd - Haaaa... Goooood ... So much.....Ho yeah... give it all baby....Fill my belly !

Me - ( Wow ...she can handle it ...she loves it !..Look at her face , her belly growing filed with my semen )







Uthgerd - Ooohh Baby... Damn  Its humongous , huge , strong, and a lot more Sperm ...loads of it more..

I am so Full with your seed baby...

I love your demon side !

Me - ( I smiled .. there was no words to say...)





" And this was the first person , lover that I really confessed my dark side,

She was not scared, I couldn't do her no harm..

We still lovers...

I guess we will always be lovers...

Now that I tell this  , I started thinking on when this demon got into to me ...

Yes the Beginning ...The day I knew I was a Succubi..."






End of the first episode 



The Prologue 









Stay with me guys more will come ...

Hope you like it as much as I did for doing it ....



Thanks for your support ..













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Another friendly Succubus is in our Town. Nice :)


btw Succubi are plural, Succubus is singular

One Succubus

Three Succubi


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5 hours ago, zilvradrow said:

Another friendly Succubus is in our Town. Nice :)


btw Succubi are plural, Succubus is singular

One Succubus

Three Succubi


 Watch the next episode and you will understand why I wrote Succubi..?


Thank you..

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58 minutes ago, zilvradrow said:

Ah, okay.


 Did you understood ... The idea I had from the beginning for the Story was that in fact she Sonja was possessed by an Ancient Powerful Succubus , That Succubus was Like a fuzion of some of the more Powerful Succubi...So in the next episodes all will be explained better but that was my intention..


Thank you so much for demonstrating interest ..its a story but you always do it with love ..

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