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Part 9: The Bells



A year later, Gina and Charles have earned enough money in their respective careers to afford a vacation to the tropical island of Lussanca, located in the Southern Pacific.




They relax and enjoy not having to work. Little does Gina know that Charles has something in mind for this vacation...




Gina: "I could stay here forever with you, Charles..."




Charles: "Are you sure? Because I saw this secluded bay just before we arrived... And right now all I think about is going there with you..."

Gina: "My pleasure..."


They rent a small boat and head to the bay... Their clothing stays in the boat...




Gina: "You were right... this is much better..."






Gina: "Wait... let me lead..."








After the Climax, Charles stands up, but suddenly kneels down again...


Charles: "Gina Kyron..."




Charles: "Do you want to marry me?"

Gina: "Yes... yes I do!"





Three months later, the marriage takes place in the King Wilhelm-Garden in Frederickston.


All guests have just arrived and are already heading to either the bar or the hall. Just one comes in late: Cervantes Salchone...




Cervantes: "Eh! Congratulations, man! Good to see the cutest couple of the University marry!"

Charles: "Yeah, sure, thanks... and... you are...?"

Cervantes: "Oh. Gina never told you? I'm Cervantes, Valentine's brother. We met when he helped her learn for her exams. Anyway, speaking of the bride, do you know where she is?"

Charles: "I mean, not exactly. You know, the traditions and stuff, I'm not allowed to see her and all that. But I'm pretty sure she's upstairs, since everyone tries to keep me away from there it seems."

Cervantes: "Oh, thank you my friend..."


Weird guy. I do not remember seeing him on the guest list




Gina: "Oh my god... It's about to happen... Can anyone on the planet be more nervous than me right now?"




Gina: "Come on, you're going to make it, Gina! This is it! This is where you will escape from the mark that you foolishly gave yourself during High School! You're not a slut anymore, because in a few minutes, you're gonna be Mrs. Kyron-Delanque!"


And its a few minutes that pass before she leaves the dressing room...


Gina: "Alright.... Here we g..- Wait, what...?"




Gina: "...Cervantes?! Is that you?!? How did you get in here?"

Cervantes: "Oh! There you are! The University Slut, remember? Remember how you were so far away from wanting 'this'?"

Gina: "Actually, I just thought about how far of a way I have come. And whatever you're trying here to get me back to it, it won't work!"




Cervantes: "Come on you little slut. I know you don't want this. I know you want to be reached around like a fuckable piece of meat. I know you don't want to wear that dress right now. And I won't go until you've admitted just that. With action."

Gina: "*sigh* Fine, just a short handjob. And then you fuck off and never call me again!"




It's getting late. Or... is it? Calm down, Charles. It is completely normal to be overly nervous right now. Just have some trust in her.




Cervantes: "Oh, yes, that is how I know you. How I know the little university slut Gina."

Gina: "Shut the fuck up. I can't even believe I am doing this, you lunatic. Don't even think I am gonna keep going until you cum!"

Cervantes: "Alright, you it is then I guess..."




Cervantes: "I knew it... You like it... You can't resist... You can never run away... run away from me!"

Gina: "Run... away... from you? I don't.... I don't know wha..."


As Cervantes starts fingering her, she feels something going through her body. Like a pulse of energy that keeps her going... Maybe she truly is a slut, unable to find love? She feels like this... the Sex... it feels right to her... she wouldn't want Cervantes to stop right now...




This isn't a normal fiance nervosity now. The guests are getting nervous too, asking questions. I am going to look for Gina. Maybe something happened to her!




Cervantes: "Yes... you like this, do you? I knew you would... I knew you could never love that fool..."




Cervantes: "I will enjoy every second of this!"





Charles: "Gina!"

Upon seeing her fiancée, whatever made Gina agree to fucking Cervantes has completely left her mind and body in the blink of an eye.

Gina: "Charles! Oh no... It... it.. I can't really..."




Gina: "Charles... I... I know it sounds weird, but... I didn't agree to this... I... I think he raped me!"

Weirdly enough, Cervantes seems to have suffered some kind of weird psychic trick as well... If you believe him, that is..

Cervantes: "Look, man. You gotta believe me, I don't know what happened here either. It didn't feel like it was myself. I... I haven't touched your girlfriend since University, I swear!"

Charles: "This has got to be the laziest excuse I've ever heard! This has got to be the laziest excuse ANYONE ever heard! You could have just told me that this was still an open relationship, Gina! Get out of my sight, both of you!"


Despite this argument, neither Charles nor Gina are leaving the place. He still waits at the ceremonial arch. Hope shines up in Gina. Hope that she was not yet given up by him. That she has not given herself up yet. So she goes to the arch... The music starts... everyone looks at her... She looks at Charles... Both are silent... Until...




Charles: "This marriage is officially called off!"




Gina: "B-But... but why weren't you leaving then? I... I thought you still waited here for me!"




Charles: "To officially tell it to the guests. After what has happened upstairs, you really expected I still wanted to marry you?! You really expected I still wanted to be together with you?! It's over, Gina. Everything. The Marriage. And us. I will collect my stuff and move out by the end of the week!"


Only two weeks later, at what is now Gina's house alone...




Jared: "So, this is what you wanted. Quite the load, if I might say. I don't get orders so big that often."

Gina: "Yeah, whatever. Don't bore me."

Jared: "I would normally not do this... But with that 'special payment' you've offered me... shall we begin?"

Gina: "Just shut up and take off your pants."




He was right... this is what I am, I guess...




I am the slut... the high school slut... the university slut... the slut that sucks dick for drugs...




I hate myself... and this dealer pressing my mouth on his dick with force is just the perfect expression of it...


Jared: "Man, that was awesome! Sure worth the packages... Mind if we meet again someday?"

Gina: "Yeah, whatever. Now go away, I want to take the stuff already!"




Why...? Just why did I fuck Cervantes? I have no reason to believe my own explanation... Maybe it really was an excuse... Luckily, I got stuff to turn me numb now...








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