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Part 9.5: Sins of the Sister



For Months, Arnborg looked for new clues on the case of Frederick Erhler's death. He took care of Celine, got her a job and helped her get her own flat before he continued his search.


Who in the world is this woman called Gina? Where did Max go? I have to find out, before things escalate...


I reached out to the American Council of Vampires in Boston, but they would refuse to help me. They didn't tell me why, but I guess it's some political bullshit because they refuse to see Frederickston as part of their jurisdiction and leave it to the Parisians.


My only sight of hope is that the Erhler's didn't write down their Skills of Vampire Magic. So Chances are Max knows as much about Vampirism as a mortal Christopher Lee Fan. Therefore he can't cause much trouble on his own.


A week after he made a call to Boston, he got invited by Luisa Erhler, a girl claiming to be Max Erhler's sister. She claimed to know about her brother and wanted to talk about him in her Mansion in Roin, one of the oldest and most southern parts of Frederickston and home to most of its historical monuments.




Well if this place doesn't scream "Vampire!" then I'm motherfucking Van Helsing. Whoever this Luisa is, she doesn't seem to be a fan of subtlety. Albeit, most of the Old French Buildings down here tend to look kinda scary...




Luisa: "Yes? Ah, you must be the investigator. Please come in, I'll be there soon."


Quite rude for a noble woman to not greet me at the door, or at least send a servant. But who am I to judge?


It takes a while, but then finally Luisa comes down to greet Arnborg.




Arnborg: "So, you've contacted me about your brother... You said you have information on him?"

Luisa: "Well of course. I am his sister, and I heard you are looking quite desparately for him from the American Council. So I thought anything I could know about him might help you."

Arnborg: "Uh-huh... Well..."




Luisa: "Is... something wrong?"

Arnborg: "It's just that I've looked through the victim's documents... He had a small library in his apartment detailing almost every single of his thoughts it seemed... He repeatedly mentioned his son, but never a daughter..."

Luisa: "Oh, really?"

Arnborg: "Really. And the European Council also didn't mention a daughter in my briefing. Only Frederick and Maximilan Erhler."

Luisa: "Oh that's really just a complicated part of our Family History, I would rather not worry about that, Mr. Rehnskiöld. You must have had a long journey to Roin, would you like something to eat?"


This is shady. Very shady. I suspect this woman is either a Bastard of Erhler or an Agent from the Council, here to eliminate me.


Arnborg: "No, thank you. I'm not hungry at all. I'm sorry if my questions are a little aggressive but when was the las..-"




Luisa: "Still, you must have had a long way to my mansion... Roin is not known for its comfortable, modern infrastructure... How about you relax a bit, Mr. Rehnskiöld?"

Arnborg: "Wait... you're a Succubus! Are you trying to...?!"


It's useless to resist. A sudden urge flows through Arnborg's veins, forcing him to give up his inhibitions.


Arnborg: "Actually.... yeah.... Relaxing sounds... good... why don't you... come over here to me... Cutie?"




Luisa: "Yes... just relax... and let me take the reins..."






Luisa: "Just what I needed... Now, if you'd do me a favour and get some Wine out of my cellar, I may be in the mood for a second round..."

Arnborg: "Yes, that sounds... good... I'll get it for you..."





Arnborg: "There's the wine, but I don't know which one she... wait... what am I doing here? Why did I get down here again...?"





Luisa: "What an idiot. Is the European Council so weak that they have to send the Fresh Meat on their missions now?"


About an Hour later...




Luisa: "So, there he is. The European Council won't be causing you trouble anymore."

Maximilian: "I see. Your plan about luring him into here proved to be brilliant. I must say I am surprised that the Council sends us Agents who are so easily impressable by Succubi Magic..."

Arnborg: "Oh yeah? Get me off the wall and I can show you a few other surprises, you bastard!"

Maximilian: *laughs* "Amusing, but I have to refuse. No, I think I like you right where you are right now... Make yourself comfortable, you're going to stay there for a long time..."

Luisa: "And now? I did what you wanted. Now what's the next part of your Masterplan?"

Maximilian: "Patience, my sister, Patience... We're almost there, but everything still depends on you... Besides, you will still have to take care of him in case he gets... funny ideas..."

Luisa: "Whatever. As long as what I contribute to this obscure 'plan' of yours gets you ot of my mansion."


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