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Fun With X-Crosses



[ if anyone was interested in the Slaver Run conclusion, I had to abandon the save. I did get there in the end, but with so many crashes and so many rules broken to avoid crashing, that the fun rather went out of it. If anyone was enjoying the tale, sing out and I'll do a summary page, and maybe a "cast in order of disappearance" thing, where I pose the girls and what they all sold for. Anyway ... ]


Originally, the idea was to have somewhere to park slaves while I did something solo. Then I thought it might be cool to maybe three a side, lining the road as you come into town.


It kind of got out of hand.


This tells the visitor all they need to know about THIS town...


I posted a couple of these to the screenshot thread, but I have  load more and was starting to feel guilty at posting so many on the same theme. 'Least here, anyone still reading is reading because they like the theme. Or because they don't but they have masochistic tendencies, I suppose, so it's all good :)


Watch where you put that nose, Doggers!


I'd line the whole street like this, but I'm already at 20 inhabitants, and I have dreams of being able to feed them someday.




Not everyone gets a cross. Toy here is .. well, she's my latest fuck donkey. Follows me around in cuffs, carries my loot, and gets shagged from time to time.





I try to leave them something distinctive where I can




Over in Red Rocket, I had a Raiders Reform School moment:




Meet the girls:









I set up another set in Starlight. These girls are on duty day and night...




... and whatever the weather.




They do, however, have a distressing tendency to slack off whenever the Boss is out of the office. This is what I saw when I arrived in Starlight, one time.






Break time is over, girls! Back to work!




Like I say, those crosses are cheap. It's safe to say I entertain no plans to feed that lot.







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On 3/30/2020 at 12:11 PM, Agent Tex said:

Aria: Looks like a fun party to me

We do have some fun times :)

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