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About this blog

welcome to the wild world of baby bee, an amateur porn star & her co-workers. 

this blog will be mainly centered around storytelling & screenshots of numerous sexual encounters & pornos. 

i hope each one leaves you drooling. ❤️ 


Entries in this blog

Baby Bee & Branden Stuart: Hot Tub Fun

Notorious bad boy porn star Branden Stuart came over to Baby Bee's film studio today to shoot their latest collaboration between the two!  Enjoy as Baby Bee sucks him off good and Branden gives it back twice fold to her pussy.    As soon as Bee had him on the veranda and lounging on the chair, she got to work. Using her spit she started to give Branden a hand job that had him moaning in no time. Flicking her thumb over the head to catch the perfect pearl of pre-cum formi

Baby Bee: Engagement Celebration

Help Baby Bee & Brax celebrate their new engagement by following along as they fuck the night away!   Bee wasn't expecting Brax to drop down to his knee as soon as he got into the apartment's entry way. But there he was - and there was a huge stone along with him.  How could Bee ever say no?     "You wanna take this to your room baby girl?" "Yes Daddy.." *swooning*     Bee had never fucked a man as much as she had

Baby Bee: A Night with her Sugar Daddy

Join in watching as Baby Bee's daddy Braxton comes over for an evening of delicious fun with his favorite sugar baby.    Bee made sure to put the hockey game that was airing that night on for him, though she knew Brax would be mostly putting his attention on here. And he didn't keep her waiting long either, halfway through his first beer he was already grabbing onto her.     Bee knew what her daddy really wanted though and slowly started lowe

Selena Rouse & Kole Puckett: Pleasing Daddy Pt. 3 [Ending]

Continue with us as Kole keeps punishing Selena's pussy in the Sex Dunegon!   Kole could tell that Selena was being on the milder side when riding him and he was not okay with this. She knew that everything must be hard and rough unless he specified to her otherwise. This called for drilling into her ass, as hard as possible.     After that ass punishment Selena truly couldn't stand on her own anymore so Kole decided decided

Selena Rouse & Kole Puckett: Pleasing Daddy Pt. 2

Join in watching as Selena pleases her daddy dom Kole in the AEP Studios Sex Dungeon ❤️    Kole had, had enough of the milder shit and was ready to truly fuck Selena raw. Their first spot on the sex dungeon tour was the T pillory where he beat his dick into Selena's cunt.     Today is a fine day to be fucked in another stock hold. At least that's what Kole is deciding for Selena as they move to the next one. Selena couldn't be happi

Selena Rouse & Kole Puckett: Pleasing Daddy Pt. 1

Watch as Kole fucks Selena from one side of the room to the other as the little sub does anything her daddy dom wants of her in order to make him happy.   How many times do you think she'll have her little cunt cum? Selena isn't able to wait long on pleasuring her daddy, as soon as the doors open to the stairs leading to her favorite place her pussy was getting wet and so she asked her daddy if she could please suck him off right there on the stairs.  Of course Kole said yes

Baby Bee: BBC Threesome Domination with Marcus Flex & Roy Dillon

See as Baby Bee gets absolutely decimated by AEP porn star legends Roy Dillon & Marcus Flex.   Can she truly handle giving enough attention to both of their massive black cocks or will she become too overwhelmed to know what to do with herself? The two men start by making her the center of attention to make sure her pussy would get nice & wet for all they had in store for her.      However, it wasn't long before Roy wanted to be first to experience wha

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