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  1. Baby Bee is back! And she has a special treat for you all (; Indulge as Baby Bee shows off her best assets for no one but you.
  2. so so sorry for my long vacation but i've finally returned! ❤️

  3. it's all about the type of reshade you use and angles! if you'd like to follow either me or the blog, i'm always posting more material! and thank you so much ❤️
  4. Notorious bad boy porn star Branden Stuart came over to Baby Bee's film studio today to shoot their latest collaboration between the two! Enjoy as Baby Bee sucks him off good and Branden gives it back twice fold to her pussy. As soon as Bee had him on the veranda and lounging on the chair, she got to work. Using her spit she started to give Branden a hand job that had him moaning in no time. Flicking her thumb over the head to catch the perfect pearl of pre-cum forming at the tip. However it wasn't long before Bee stripped her bathing suit off and was naked in front of Branden herself. As she started to suck him off, his dick's girth so wide that it was making the sides of her mouth hurt. But she loved it. She loved filling her orifices beyond capacity with fat dicks. And so with that thought she started rubbing her clit, her pussy getting soaking wet in seconds flat. After deeping throat his cock for quite sometime, Bee thought it would time for her cunt to get the action it's been throbbing for all afternoon. She could tell that Branden himself was itching to fuck her raw. And so he did. 'So this is what all the girls in the cast company raved about..' Bee thought to herself as Branden's cock spread her pussy wide open. It might not have had the length of her Daddy's... but damn was it thick. She could feel it twitch inside her and loved the feeling as they discussed moving from the lounge chair into the hot tub.
  5. thank you! i'd been tossing the idea of maybe just doing photos without the storylines but you've convinced me otherwise!
  6. Help Baby Bee & Brax celebrate their new engagement by following along as they fuck the night away! Bee wasn't expecting Brax to drop down to his knee as soon as he got into the apartment's entry way. But there he was - and there was a huge stone along with him. How could Bee ever say no? "You wanna take this to your room baby girl?" "Yes Daddy.." *swooning* Bee had never fucked a man as much as she had Brax, but each and every time exhilarated her and made her just as wet as the first. This time was no exception to that. Except she could help but feel a tiny bit shy this time around. Brax was worked his magic like usual however and it wasn't before long that he had Bee not only naked but spread wide and accepting before him. Brax slammed into her stroke after stroke. If he was going to make her his wife, then he wanted to mark her in more than just one way. He wanted to leave her sore and bruised. But he also wanted to leave her full with his seed, in the hopes they would take root and she would get pregnant with his child. She was his and he wanted everyone to be able to know by just looking at her, ripe with his seed. And as he drove in one last time, he buried his cock so far into her vaginal canal he swore he hit her uterus. Good that means his cum wouldn't have to travel as far to take root and gorge themselves within her body. Brax could feel his cock getting hard inside Bee's vagina at the thought that he might have impregnated her at this very moment. Round #2 anyone??
  7. a bit of both? usually i let them have their fun with a general idea of what i'm going for and then write the narrative in.
  8. Join in watching as Baby Bee's daddy Braxton comes over for an evening of delicious fun with his favorite sugar baby. Bee made sure to put the hockey game that was airing that night on for him, though she knew Brax would be mostly putting his attention on here. And he didn't keep her waiting long either, halfway through his first beer he was already grabbing onto her. Bee knew what her daddy really wanted though and slowly started lowering herself down onto the couch bringing him with her. That one look from Bee was enough to send Brax into a frenzy. He wanted to be, no needed to be, buried deep inside her as soon as humanly possible. His dick needed to be inside her now or he was going to die. So with that he pinned her to the couch, got both their pants off and drove his dick home - and roughly so. It wasn't long before he wanted her completely naked underneath him. He wanted to feel all of her, and he wanted it NOW. "Fuck daddy I'm cumming!" "Yes baby, cum for me!" However Brax wasn't quite as done as Bee thought they were... Soon she was in his arms and being carried to the downstairs bathroom. What did Brax possibly have in mind? Ah yes... the shower, his favorite. What an absolutely amazing night ❤️
  9. sorry for the little mini hiatus there, will hopefully be posting a video tonight or by the morning!! ❤️

  10. he posted this on his patreon back in june of this year?
  11. Continue with us as Kole keeps punishing Selena's pussy in the Sex Dunegon! Kole could tell that Selena was being on the milder side when riding him and he was not okay with this. She knew that everything must be hard and rough unless he specified to her otherwise. This called for drilling into her ass, as hard as possible. After that ass punishment Selena truly couldn't stand on her own anymore so Kole decided decided to suspend her. So not only was there no need for her legs to hold her up as he got to continue fucking her, but he also got a nice view of her magnificently smooth pussy as he slammed his cock into it. As Selena came for the fourth time, she pleaded for Kole to give her break. But he had no such thing on his mind. Instead he brought her back to what had been their first stop of pillories, the T cross. After punishing her one last time, Kole decided to finally let Selena out so that she could suck his load out of his cock for him. When he finally spilled his seed into her soft mouth, he pulled her up so that he could taste himself on her. And what an aphrodisiac it was because soon he was bending Selena over to fuck her once more. After they climaxed together, both daddy dom and his submissive were spent but one thing can be said for sure... It had been a great day to be a submissive slut, and Selena sure couldn't wait to do it all again ❤️
  12. Join in watching as Selena pleases her daddy dom Kole in the AEP Studios Sex Dungeon ❤️ Kole had, had enough of the milder shit and was ready to truly fuck Selena raw. Their first spot on the sex dungeon tour was the T pillory where he beat his dick into Selena's cunt. Today is a fine day to be fucked in another stock hold. At least that's what Kole is deciding for Selena as they move to the next one. Selena couldn't be happier! As Kole was dumping his hot load into Selena's womb, he felt the tall tale signs of her coming too. Silly little slut, she knew she wasn't allowed to cum without permission from him. He would now have to punish her with a vigorous deep throating session. After she got done sucking him dry, Kole decided that he wanted Selena to do some of the work as well. Sitting down below her, he told her that she needed to work for what she wanted.
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