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Can Skyrim (with tons of LoversLab mods) be used to create porn that would rival or surpass hot videos made in Blender or 3ds-max? I will try to find out. And post my results here.




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(Full Episode) Playing with Devil 2

And here is episode 2, continuing right where episode 1 ended. Disclaimer, this is where things take a turn and scenes become more forced. And less... consensual. This site being what it is, I doubt anyone will have a fit, but still, warning is in order. Most info was already written in previous entry, so let's get straight into it.       This episode experiments with themes like mindbreak, ahegao, and with some graphic effects for added flavour. Not amazing yet,

(Full Episode) Playing with Devil 1

This is first of (so far) two episodes featuring Lily messing with even more dangerous creatures than before. What is one troll compared to two demons? The only problem is, you might just get more than you bargained for...     These videos also spotlight two creatures from mod called Demonic Creatures, hosted here on Loverslab. Definitely spices up the game.. and what you can do with it.   Fair warning, this mod's monsters are using animations from vanilla creatur

(Full Episode) Lily's Endurance Test

At last, video called Lily's Endurance Test is out. That's the official name anyway, to stick to Subverse theme, where Lily is mad scientist running tests (that means sex) on her creations. Earlier working title was Cheery slut getting trolled hard. Bit of a mouthful.     Anyway, standing at 11 minutes in length, I believe this is first video with high enough quality to be considered success, with body, face, light, camera work and supporting mods all improved over Dark Cit
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