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Can Skyrim (with tons of LoversLab mods) be used to create porn that would rival or surpass hot videos made in Blender or 3ds-max? I will try to find out. And post my results here.




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(Progress) It's the FACE!

Yes, the face. The longer I looked at it, the less enthusiastic I was. Nope, not even remotely good enough. At the same time, making just decent looking nose in vanilla Skyrim seemed completely impossible. Damn. And so I decided to go on mod hunt for better head. CITRUS was my first step, and while the head looked better, better doesn't mean great. Also it was incompatible with facial expression mods, giving Lily in every sex scene expression of deranged clown suffering through massive e

(Preview) Lily's test

Another area that needed improvement was breasts. Namely fixing some unnatural slopes and shapes. This was actually important, as I started to use First Person Camera mod (ifpv) and odd breast shapes really showed there. Luckily using bodyslide and racemenu combined could fix the problem fast.   And so I chose the next character - Lily from the game Subverse, theme - running endurance test on her creation, setting - sci-fi environment helpfully provided by aether suite - and got to wo
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