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About this blog

This is the build blog for Fallout 4 Frost + AAF

Hi my name is Golden.  Ms. Anna is on a vaca so it's time for a new build.  Contribute or follow along or maybe ya just wanna try Frost plus AAF.  

Mods to be used Fusion Girl, Bodytalk, Agony, High Heel System, Frost and of course AAF

What I am doing is making web lists for each of those mods.  Mods that cannot work with one of the original mods + their dependencies Or take too much effort for the average mod installer will not be included.


Entries in this blog


Day 1

I spent yesterday and the day before contemplating the steps required.  Prelude (Optional) Skip to day two if you already have a clean install of Fallout 4 Step 1: Copy & Paste your previous build somewhere else, include your saves and .ini files from Documents/My Games/Fallout4 Step 2: Uninstall Fallout 4 Step 3: Delete Fallout 4 from (steam or other) and the Fallout4 folder located in your My Games folder on your C : drive Step 4: Download a fresh Fallout 4 (Optional copy and past



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