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Day 1

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I spent yesterday and the day before contemplating the steps required. 

Prelude (Optional) Skip to day two if you already have a clean install of Fallout 4
Step 1: Copy & Paste your previous build somewhere else, include your saves and .ini files from Documents/My Games/Fallout4
Step 2: Uninstall Fallout 4
Step 3: Delete Fallout 4 from (steam or other) and the Fallout4 folder located in your My Games folder on your C : drive
Step 4: Download a fresh Fallout 4 (Optional copy and paste so you wont have to download a clean version for future builds.. I see you "I followed all the steps and nothing works" 'points at own eyes then at yous' !!
Step 5: Proceed to day 2 or take a breather.. I know I did.  

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