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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 1.1
  • Submitted: Mar 17 2017 08:31 AM
  • Last Updated: Mar 18 2017 04:36 AM
  • File Size: 55.46MB
  • Views: 38593
  • Downloads: 3,488
  • Requires: UNP-compatible body and textures, SOS
  • Special Edition Compatible : No

Download Modern Clothes (UUNP/SOS) 1.1

- - - - -
modern clothes UUNP SOS


Modern Clothes v1.1




This mod adds two sets of modern-style clothing for the UUNP and SOS bodies: a hoodie and a tank top, both with jeans and sneakers. The hoodie is available in black and white plain versions, as well as black and blue versions with College of Winterhold-themed designs (2 diiferent ones so far). The tank top is available in black and white, as well as a white "sport" version with black and red stripes and details, and a brown camo version. The sneakers are available in black, white, dark blue, and red versions.


Male meshes use the SOS body, but should work fine with Better Males, SAM, and the vanilla body as well since only the arms and the upper torso/neck are visible and those areas are the same UV-wise across the four bodies as far as I know. Female meshes use the Unified UNP body, and should be compatible with any UNP-compatible textures as well as vanilla textures (Default meshes are built with the default UNP shape).


The default female meshes for the standard/non-revealing outfits use standard weights. If you want them to be HDT-enabled, choose the HDT options for the hoodie and the tank top when building the meshes in Bodyslide (As in, choose the "UUNP HDT" options instead of the "UUNP" ones when prompted).


There are also "revealing" versions of the clothes available. These lack the jeans or any kind of clothing below the waist (hence the "Revealing" in the name and the fact that this file is in the "Adult" section). Male versions use the default SOS body and will allow the schlong to remain visible when worn, while female versions use the UUNP Special body and are linked to the proper HDT collision data files, so the Special HDT-enabled bits should react to collisions when appropiate while wearing them.


To get the items ingame, you have two options: 1) using AddItemMenu, and 2) using the console to find and add them manually ("help tank" and "help casual").


For the record, the characters shown in the pics use my own Shark Race mod. I used them to showcase the mod as product placement for my other mod because I'm too lazy to create human or elven characters only to take some pics. Still, they should give a good idea of how the outfits look like when worn.




--- Any UNP compatible body and textures.
--- SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim.*


*-> Note that while SOS is required for the "Revealing" versions of the items to work as intended, it is not a hard requirement for the plugin, and the standard items should work fine with other male bodies.


Known Issues:


--- The standalone Jeans item may have some clipping when worn by males, and will not work with the SoS HDT body (the butt clips through due to the HDT physics and the lack of HDT weights on the jeans). Females should be mostly clipping-free, though.


--- Let me know if you come across any issues and i will do my best to fix them as soon as possible.


Future Plans:


--- Potentially adding more clothing to the pack, if/when I find more assets I can use or decide to create my own from scratch.




--- Added female HDT versions of the standard (Non-revealing) outfits.
--- Added the jeans as a separate item (slot 52).
--- Initial Release




Hepsy for the original Basic Wears mod for Oblivion.
Halo/Halofarm for the Skyrim port of some of the assets.
Caliente, Ousnius and others for Bodyslide and the UUNP Special body.

fox6000 and Psychomachina for some of the assets.
The original authors of the College of Winterhold designs.


Note: according to permissions, everything here should be fine, but if any author wants me to remove their assets from this file for some reason or to edit the credit section, just let me know and I will comply as soon as possible.

What's New in Version 1.1 (See full changelog)

  • --- Added female HDT versions of the standard (Non-revealing) outfits.
  • --- Added the jeans as a separate item (slot 52).


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

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