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SUPPORT TOPIC File Information

  • Latest Version: 0.2
  • Submitted: Jan 04 2015 04:41 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 30 2015 02:25 PM
  • File Size: 27.71MB
  • Views: 172974
  • Downloads: 52,347

Download Potion Replacer 0.2

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potion mesh texture alchemy

*04/30/2015 - Removing the beta tag on the file, since apparently users didn't reported any problem. Files are unchanged.
0.2 is the last version and should be considered stable.*

Version 0.2 : download both files and install PotionsReplacer.7z, then PotionReplacer_PatchV0.2.7z

01/10/15. Thanks to "Storm Cloak" for this video
01/11/15. Thanks to cornbreadtm for the perma patch (added to the download page). Please read instructions inside the archive.
It seems that there is also a SkeRe patch on DragonPorn, but I don't know if it's compatible with a non-japanese Skyrim installation.
* * *
This is a potion replacer. It replaces almost all vanilla Skyrim potions with custom meshes and textures. The meshes comes from the most excellent mods "Alluring Potion Bottles v3 by jbvw" for Oblivion and "AOF's Potion Replacer" for Morrowind. Many of the potions are animated.

Only vanilla Skyrim is covered. Potions from extensions (DG/DB/HF) and other mods are left alone.

The mod is provided in two versions. Use one or the other.

1) Vanilla skyrim potions, with changes forwarded from the Unofficial Skyrim Patch (Version 19-2-0-8a)

2) Requiem 1.7-3 / Requiem Hard Times / Requiem Extended Patches Beta 0.2. That's what I use. This version needs Dawnguard.esm and Requiem.esp as masters.

There is also a patch for perma, courtesy of cornbreadtm. See the download page.
This mod has no scripts and can be removed safely at any time (or at least, it should...).

Requirements :

Requiem 1.7.3 for the requiem version.


Incompatible with everything else that modifies the potions. Compatibility can be achieved by making a patch with Tes5Edit. I will not make those, so don't ask.

Must load late. Looks like LOOT will sort it correctly, but it depends of your setup. In doubt, put it in the bottom of your load order.


As far as I know, all authorizations for the meshes and textures used are given by their respective authors. I hope I forgot no one.

********* Meshes ************************************************

Alluring Potion Bottles v3 by jbvw

AOF's Potion Replacer by AnOldFriend

********* Textures **********************************************

Various seamless textures resources

The 6 Schools of Magic Symbol Resources by jeclxohko

Bubble brush

Vector images resource

GIMP Arcane Circles Brushes by Project-GimpBC

Seamless textures resource
********* Documentation/Tutorials *******************************

FPI Animated Textures Tutorial by The Fuzzy Physics Institute

BSLightingShaderProperty Basics


What's New in Version 0.2 (See full changelog)

  • 0.1 Beta - Initial beta release
  • 0.2 Beta - Fixes the missing cork, twine and top textures on aof potions


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